‘Nana Tour’ SEVENTEEN’s Woozi gets angry at Dino’s wrong answer, “Try to make an analogy.” [TV Now]

TV Daily Photo
TV Daily Photo

[TV Daily Reporter Kim Jin-seok] ‘Nana Tour with Seventeen’ Woozi got angry at Dino’s wrong answer and laughed.

In the tvN entertainment program ‘Nana Tour with Seventeen’, which aired on the night of the 19th, a game for each team with an optional tour selection was aired.

The game played that day was ‘Shout in Silence’. Team Woozi and Dino took on the challenge of ‘Crying in Silence’, and Woozi presented the question. Uzi’s explanation was lacking by 2%, and Dino continued to give wrong answers, drawing Uzi’s anger.

To Dino, who understood the explanation that it was an instrument that Woozi played, but did not know that it was a clarinet, Woozi got angry and said, “He never knows,” and “Try to make an analogy,” which made people laugh.

Next, the suggestion word ‘Italy’ came up, and Woozi explained, “Where we are,”and Dino guessed ‘Italy,’ and got the final 4 points.

[TV Daily Reporter Kim Jin-seok news@tvdaily.co.kr/Photo=tvN ‘Nana Tour’]

Nana Tour

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