‘Like gold’ A pack of twin moms, “Watching YouTube for more than 10 hours and taking 40 vitamins a day”… Eunyoung Oh “Absolutely not” [Synthesis]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Ye-sol] Dr. Oh Eun-young came up with a solution for group childcare.

In Channel A’s ‘My Baby These Days, Parenting Is Golden’ broadcast on the 19th, a mother and father who were tired of raising four-year-old twin sisters appeared and attracted attention.

On this day, when the twins started crying, the twins’ mother and father gave them everything they wanted. In particular, her mother provided the vitamins her child wanted. Her mother was exhausted with her children and she was giving them excessive amounts of vitamins, like 30 or 40. “At first she gave him chocolate jelly, but then she started giving him vitamins,” she said.


Dr. Eunyoung Oh said, “I can’t stand it when children cry. But there is no teaching in this family. He caught her attention by saying, “I need to teach you something when you cry.” The twins’ mother and father had no choice but to give the smartphone to the child who was crying because he wanted to watch cell phone videos.

Dr. Eunyoung Oh said, “Children cry, scream and make a fuss. When mom and dad fight, children cry more. In cases like this, you should just go. You have to let them cry. “I can’t help it,” she says, rolling up a tissue and covering her ears. Still, I can hear the sound. However, the child’s cries are heard less often. You have to endure and go where you need to go. A child who cried for 50 minutes at first cries for 40 minutes the next day. She advised, “Parents need to hold on.”


Dr. Eunyoung Oh talked about marshmallow training, saying, “Delay of gratification training cannot be done unless children are told to wait.” Dr. Eunyoung Oh said, “As you get older, you need more patience.” Video is ultimately about patience. There is so much missing from learning about delay of gratification. “Only by learning these things can a child grow up strong,” she said.

On this day, the child did not take his smartphone off his hands all day. The child watched TV alone until midnight while his parents were asleep, surprising those around him. Dr. Eunyoung Oh asked, “How many hours do children watch media?” In response, the mother said, “I watch about 10 hours on the weekends,”and she said, “I play outside, but it’s so hard, so I can relax if you show me YouTube.”


Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “YouTube is not a bad thing, but age is important. They are too young. “Children exposed to videos before the age of 24 months have a serious problem with their attention development and are found to be a cause of ADHD,” he said. “The younger the child, the more basic language circuits are created when he or she listens to human speech. “She needs to communicate with her parents to learn two-way communication,” she said, drawing attention.

[Photo] Channel A ‘My baby is a golden child of parenting these days’ broadcast capture

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