Lim Chae-moo, ’15 billion’ Owed ‘Duri Land’ Revealed…”2 apartments in Yeouido sold” (‘Baekban Journey’)


[OSEN=Reporter Yoo Soo-yeon] Actor Lim Chae-moo unveiled Duri Land.

In the TV Chosun current affairs and culture program ‘Gourmet Heo Young-man’s Baekban Travels’ (hereinafter ‘Baekban Travels’) aired on the 19th, the grandson of actor Lim Chae-moo and the two grandchildren of gourmet Heo Young-man spent the winter together. Vacation Special ‘Yangju Outing Table’ The second story continued.

On this day, Lim Chae-mu, who has been running the amusement park ‘Duri Land’ for 35 years, was asked, ‘Do you often play with your grandson?’ to the question,'(Grandson), My house is a playground, so he plays every day. Come and play. My grandson (Duriland) takes care of everything from the morning. He introduced his grandson by saying, “I work as an amusement park guide and am sociable, so I make a lot of friends.”


Lim Chae-mu has been running Duri Land in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province since 1990. He was upset that there were no play facilities for children near Seoul, so he sold two apartments in Yeouido in 1989 to build Duri Land. In particular, he is still running Duri Land, although he is in debt of about 15 billion won due to an operating deficit.

Previously, he appeared on ‘Salimnam’ and said, “I had two houses in Yeouido, but I sold them all.” He surprised people by saying, “There is a shower room in the bathroom of Duri Land, and I lived there for about a year with two military beds.”


[Photo] TV Chosun ‘Gourmet Heo Young-man’s Baekban Travels’

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