‘Married in March’ Lee Sang-yeop reveals rumors of premarital pregnancy (‘Pyeon Restaurant’) [Oh! Sen Lee]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung] Lee Sang-yeop spoke about the premarital pregnancy rumors at ‘Pyeon Restaurant’

KBS2TV’s entertainment show ‘Pyeon Restaurant’, which aired on the 19th, was broadcast.

On this day, Lee Sang-yeop and Jang Seong-gyu met together. Lee Sang-yeop said, “I’m a grateful friend who takes good care of Sunggyu. I wanted to invite him to the New Year’s party and give him something delicious.”

Lee Sang-yeop will marry his younger, non-celebrity girlfriend somewhere in Seoul next March. The bride-to-be was known as a woman of outstanding beauty.

Lee Sang-yeop, who is currently in the midst of wedding preparations, said, “It’s still okay. (The bride) is very thorough,”and said, “I’m grateful but sorry.
It seems like this person is the only one preparing for marriage. “I wasn’t of much help from the side,” he said.

Also, Jang Seong-gyu, who said he got married thanks to his son, asked Lee Sang-yeop a surprise question about whether she was pregnant before marriage, saying, “Are you in a coma too?”and Lee Sang-yeop said, “We are not in a coma.”At the same time, he said, “I got married as naturally as water.”


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