‘Miss Trot 3’, viewer ratings soar due to boom… Own highest 17.5%

[Seoul = Newsis] TV Chosun Trot Audition 'Miss Trot 3' aired on the 18th. screen. (Photo = Provided by TV Chosun) 2024.01.19. photo@newsis.com *Resale and DB prohibited
[Seoul = Newsis] TV Chosun Trot Audition ‘Miss Trot 3’ aired on the 18th. screen. (Photo = Provided by TV Chosun) 2024.01.19. photo@newsis.com *Resale and DB prohibited

[Seoul = Newsis] Reporter Chu Seung-hyun = TV Chosun Trot Audition ‘Miss Trot 3’ broke its own highest viewership rating.

According to Nielsen Korea on the 19th, ‘Miss Trot 3’ aired the previous day. Episode 5 recorded a viewership rating of 17.5% and a peak of 18.5% based on paid households nationwide. It is 0.6 percentage points higher than the previous highest viewer rating of 16.9%. In addition, it has been ranked first among all Thursday programs, including terrestrial, general programming, and cable, and first among all weekly entertainment programs for five consecutive weeks.

On this day, ‘Miss Trot 3’ was a 3-round 1-on-1 death match. The contestants, who were relatively weak before the contest, were thrilled by their reversal of drama.

Kim So-yeon, who won All Hearts in the first and second rounds, and Yeom Yu-ri, a vocal music major, competed in an authentic trot. Kim So-yeon made a winning move by selecting Moon Joo-ran’s ‘Become a stone like this’. Judge Jang Yoon-jeong spoke highly of Kim So-yeon, saying, “She doesn’t do it because she learned it from somewhere, but she has her own calculations and convictions, and the power and concentration to push forward.” Yuri Yeom said, “I really want to do trot, so I will do my best thinking this is the last time,”and she passionately sang Geumjandi’s “God Loves Nod.”Judge Kim Yeon-ja praised the singer, saying, “A trot singer who uses vocalizations and nasal sounds to the point where you might wonder if she is a vocal person.” Yeom Yu-ri beat So-yeon Kim 11 to 2 and advanced to the fourth round.

The results of the match between the strongest player, Bin Ye-seo, who recorded all-hearts in the first and second rounds in a row, and Jina Yu, who impressed even in the worst condition, were also revealed. Bin Ye-seo showed off not only her singing ability but also her overflowing talent with Moon Yeon-joo’s ‘Bachelor’. Gina Yu emerged as a dark horse by making her living room cry with her song ‘Please Protect This Person’ from Jeongjeongin. Bin Ye-seo advanced to the fourth round, beating Jina Yu by only one vote, 7 to 6. Special Master Lee Chan-won said, “Beat and turn the world over” from “Miss Trot 3” by Bin Ye-seo. He praised the contestant, saying, “The contestant who best matches the slogan,” and, “He has unique vocal cords and volume that young people cannot have.”

‘Haenam virgin farmer’ Miss Kim and Miracle Phoenix Yoon Seo-ryeong, who came back from the loser for the second time in a row, faced off. Miss Kim left a stage that was like an authentic Trot textbook with Lee Tae-ho’s ‘Miss Go’. Jang Yoon-jeong said, “The microphone came out with a sound that couldn’t contain the voice,” and added, “I know she doesn’t have much stage experience, but her facial expressions and gestures are not excessive and are close to perfect. “It looks like she practiced a lot,” she praised. Miss Kim was moved to tears by Jang Yoon-jeong’s warm praise.

Taking advantage of her Gyeonggi folk song major, Yoon Seo-ryeong chose Jeong Da-kyung’s ‘Hanibaram’. She created a stage that was pleasing to the eyes and ears with her refreshing singing ability and exciting performance. Judge Kalin Park praised the contestant, saying, “Today and the last performance were really different,” and, “I must have sharpened my sword and came out with a special move.” Seo-ryeong Yoon defeated her strong rival, Miss Kim, 7 to 6.

Jeong Seo-ju, who won the 1st and 2nd rounds in a row, faced Nayoung Sun in the 2nd round. Jeong Seo-ju completely impressed Joo Hyun-mi’s “Yeongdong Bridge in the Rain”with her own unique colors. Nayoung, who was born deaf in her right ear, took on her challenge with her determination to practice twice as much as others. He received favorable reviews for showing off his trademark deep vibrato with Nam Jin’s ‘Heartbreaking’. However, Na-young had to swallow her regret as she was defeated by Seong-ju Jeong by a score of 4 to 9.

The stage filled with love for family brought tears to the eyes. ‘Jeonju Daeseupnori Manor’ Jin Hye-eon and ‘Na Ro-ho 6th level treble’ This is what Bok-eun faced. Jin Hye-eon brought the living room to a sea of ​​tears with Samogok Jeon Yeong-rang’s ‘Yakson’ and Bok-eun Bok-eun sang Sabugok Jang Min-ho’s ‘You Know My Name’. Bok-eun Bok beat Jin Hye-eon 9 to 4.

Boom sobbed as he remembered his father who passed away. Following Boom, who shed tears uncontrollably, Kim Seong-ju and Eunhyuk also had red eyes. Kim Seong-ju expressed regret, saying, “Boommaster cried so much that it broke my heart.” Boom said, “Both I and Eunhyuk lost our fathers early,” and “When I listened to this song, I thought that my father and Eunhyuk’s father would be happily listening to the song in heaven, so I cried because I wanted to see them.” “He said.

Bang Seo-hee, who has strong emotions and appeal, and Trot prodigy Han Su-jeong faced off. Bang Seo-hee selected Ahn Seong-hoon’s ‘Mother’s Flower’. She sang the song as if it were telling her story, capturing her love for her mother and it struck a chord. Bang Seo-hee defeated Han Su-jeong, who sang Jeon Mi-kyung’s ‘Jang Nok-su’, 9 to 4, and she advanced to the fourth round.

‘Miss Trot 3’ is currently available on Naver NOW. A public support vote is underway on the app. As a result of the second week voting conducted from the 12th to the 18th, Bin Ye Seo took first place.

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