Seon-young Ahn “Last year, we faced a divorce crisis… “Don’t be nervous because we might split up.” [Synthesis]


(Xports News Reporter Oh Seung-hyun) Broadcaster Ahn Seon-young confessed that she was on the verge of divorce from her husband.

Recently, Sunyoung Ahn posted a video on her YouTube channel ‘This is Sunyoung Ahn’ with the title ‘Don’t miss out on a man like this who reveals great tips for married life♥couple relationship~’

On this day, Sunyoung Ahn talked about her first meeting with her husband. He said, “I dream of someone with a doctorate in brain science, and I don’t even go on blind dates with kids from physical education schools.” I met her for the first time at a food stall, and anyone could see that she looked like a physical education student, and I was the one with the testosterone. He was this kind of person. “My first impression of her was rough and bad,” she said, recalling her husband’s past.


He continued, “I thought, ‘The impression is really bad.’ But when I went to Busan, he came to pick me up in a truck that had driven 180,000 km. The air conditioner smelled and the windshield was stoned. “He put me in the luggage compartment of a car that didn’t even have tint,” he said.

Seonyoung Ahn said, “I told him it was time to change the car, and he said there was energy in things and that he wouldn’t change it until it stopped. “At the time, she had been using 011 for 15 years. She said she couldn’t even use KakaoTalk,” she said, referring to her unusual husband.

In addition, Sunyoung Ahn honestly answered that the current marital satisfaction index was 50% and said, “Isn’t that surprising?” It’s not that I have too many desires. As custodial parents, we are 100 points. “We work together very well,” she explained.


He continued, “After going through the crisis of divorce last year, things have changed a lot. It wouldn’t have been easy to change the way you speak, saying something nice 99 times and then forgetting it in one go. The husband added, “I guess he was stressed when he said, ‘I hope my wife goes out and works hard to make money.’”

Seonyoung Ahn said, “My husband gets irritated without realizing it because he hears words that are not disparaging, but rather disparaging. She confessed that she was conflicted in front of people, and she said, “She would show me off.”

He continued, “The point that was good when I was dating is the point that I want to divorce the most when I get married.” The two are so similar and clash so much. Otherwise, they might split up, so they get nervous and discuss it with each other. “So the satisfaction level is 50%.”

Photo = Xports News DB, channel ‘This is Ahn Seon-young’

Reporter Seunghyeon Oh

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