Moon Ah-ryang, a ‘leading candidate for elimination’, went from last place to 3rd place in the physical mission… a miraculous turnaround (alcohol hell) [comprehensive]


[OSEN=Reporter Lim Hye-young] Moon Ah-ryang showed a miracle by going from the last candidate to third place.

In MBC’s ‘Oh Eun-young Report – Alcohol Hell’ (hereinafter referred to as Alcohol Hell), which aired on the 8th, alcoholics were depicted carrying out survival missions along with hell training.

A trio of devil instructors, Choi Young-jae, Lim Woo-young, and Jeong Hae-cheol, appeared for the alcoholics, and the instructors asked the participants if they were willing to quit drinking. To prove his will, he unveiled an 80kg wooden bar. As a mission that required trust and cooperation, the participants performed the wooden bar gymnastics mission as if they were one body. Jihye Lee said, “It was so hard and so heavy. “My arms were so sore,” she said. Youngjae Choi shouted to the participants, “If there is no evil, show it with your eyes.”

Two hours of hellish training has ended. Moon Ah-ryang said, “I became more motivated later. “I think my strong side has reappeared,” he said, showing that he had become a little stronger.

After the hell training was over, the real survival mission began. The fourth mission to select the eliminated candidates was a physical mission. If you overcome a total of four courses in order and reach the finish line, you will succeed in the mission.

The first course is Lion’s Walk. Male participants must walk with their backs facing, and female participants must walk with their eyes facing the ground. The second course is to lift sandbags. The third course involves moving and stacking sandbags. The final course is stacking pyramid cups. Once you complete all four missions, you can put on your parachute and run to the finals. The last person to pass will be eliminated.


Before the mission, the participants expected Moon Ah-ryang to be eliminated. The mission progressed, and Moon Ah-ryang, who was behind in the beginning, did not give up and calmly performed the mission, showing a miracle of moving up to third place.

Everyone entered the finals, with Min Gyu-hong and Kim Tae-won struggling to build the Pyramid Cup. Taewon Kim did not have the strength to blow up a balloon, so it seemed impossible to carry out the mission. Even though the cup kept falling over due to the wind, the two did not give up and continued the mission with concentration. In the end, the last survivor became Kim Tae-won. Taewon Kim said, “I learned a lot. “He said you shouldn’t give up easily.”

Min Gyu-hong, who was left alone, composed himself and tried stacking cups again. Min Gyu-hong, who was about to give up when Kim Tae-won reached the finish line, continued the challenge, saying he wanted to finish successfully because he knew it was the last moment. Although he was in last place and was eliminated, Mingyu Hong did not give up and crossed the finish line.

Min Gyu-hong, who had a light-hearted expression on his face, said, “I think I’ve undergone a complete transformation.” When you return home, there will be emptiness. scary. It really is hunting alone. “The real mission is something you have to do until you die,” he said, resetting his heart.


[Photo] Oh Eun-young Report – Alcohol Hell

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