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Photo provided by: Netflix ‘Seonsan’
Photo provided by: Netflix ‘Seonsan’

prenatal care

Where all truth points

‘Seonsan’ is a Netflix series that depicts the story of a series of ominous events occurring as a person inherits a mountain left behind after the death of his uncle, whom he had forgotten even existed, and secrets related to it being revealed.

With the sudden death of her uncle, Yoon Seo-ha becomes the only heir to the inheritance, and her half-brother Yeong-ho appears, claiming that he is also entitled to the inheritance. Then, a series of mysterious murders occur in the village, and police officers Choi Seong-jun and Park Sang-min, who find this unbelievable, begin to investigate the case.

‘Seonsan’ was directed and written by director Min Hong-nam, who worked hand-in-hand with director Yeon Sang-ho as an assistant director for the films ‘Train to Busan’, ‘Telekinesis’, and ‘Peninsula’. Starting with ‘Train to Busan’, the film that started the K-zombie craze around the world, the Netflix series Director Yeon Sang-ho, who has brought surprises in each of his works, including ‘Hell’ and the Netflix movie ‘Jeong-i’, participated in planning and scripting. Kim Hyun-joo, who plays the role of Yoon Seo-ha, who will inherit the prenatal inheritance, and Ryu Kyung-soo, who plays his half-brother Yeong-ho, are expected to show perfect synergy as they work together for the third time with director Yeon Sang-ho, following the Netflix series ‘Hell’ and the Netflix movie ‘Jeong-i’. Here, Park Hee-soon, who showed three-dimensional characters in the Netflix series ‘My Name’ and the movie ‘1987’, and Park Byeong-eun, who gave off a strong presence in the Netflix series ‘Kingdom’ and the movie ‘Assassination’, play the roles of detective Choi Seong-jun and Park Sang-min, and reveal the secret connected to Seonsan. dig into

(Thriller, Korea, 2024)

Photo provided by: Netflix ‘Sejak, The Bewitched’
Photo provided by: Netflix ‘Sejak, The Bewitched’

Sejak, the charmed ones

A melodramatic historical drama depicting a cruel fate.

‘Sejak, The Bewitched’ is a story about the cruel fate of King Yi-in, who holds a high position but has a lowly heart, and a woman who becomes Sejak (a spy) to bring down him.

‘Sejak, The Bewitched’, which is about a spy named ‘Sejak’ who hides his identity and secretly discovers secrets and situations and provides information, is attracting attention as a fictional historical drama based on imagination. Prince Jinhan Yi In is loyal to his older brother and king Yi Seon, but he is misunderstood as having traitorous intentions and ends up in a power struggle. Suffering from endless agony in the royal palace struggle where upheaval and chaos swirled inside and outside the country, he meets Kang Hee-su, a confident baduk player who boasts the best baduk skills in the capital, and they fall for each other.

Jo Jung-seok, who is loved for his outstanding acting skills that span a variety of genres such as ‘Hospital Playlist’ and ‘Oh My Ghostess’, will be performing his first role as a king since his debut. Expectations are rising for Jo Jung-seok, who will portray Yi-in, who undergoes rapid changes in the process from becoming King of Jinhan to King. Shin Se-kyung, who boasts a wide acting spectrum including ‘Run On’ and ‘Six Flying Dragons’, plays Kang Hee-soo, a Sejak who hides her identity and secretly approaches the king for revenge. Shin Se-kyung meets Lee In in the guise of a baduk player disguised as a man and delicately expresses her complex emotions as Sejak, who becomes entangled in the whirlpool of fate.

‘Sejak, The Bewitched’ is a collaboration between director Cho Nam-guk of ‘The Model Detective’ and writer Kim Seon-deok of ‘The Man Who Became King’, presenting a well-made melodrama.

(To be released on January 21, Romance/Drama, Korea, 2024)

Photo provided by: Netflix ‘Dr. Cheon’s Exorcism Lab: Secrets of the Snow Scenery’
Photo provided by: Netflix ‘Dr. Cheon’s Exorcism Lab: Secrets of the Snow Scenery’

Dr. Cheon’s Exorcism Lab: The Secret of Snow Scenery

A fake exorcist who doesn’t believe in ghosts meets a real incident!

The movie ‘Dr. Cheon’s Exorcism Lab: Secrets of Snow’, which tells the story of Dr. Cheon, a fake exorcist who does not believe in ghosts but has ghost-like insight, is commissioned to handle a powerful case he has never experienced before, is coming to Netflix.

Dr. Cheon, the eldest grandson of the head of the family who has protected the village for generations, is a fake exorcist who does not believe in ghosts. While he has been solving cases requested by performing fake exorcisms with insight into people’s hearts, Yoo-kyung, a client who sees ghosts, comes to him and makes him an offer that he cannot refuse for a large fee. Doctor Cheon, who accepts the offer, goes to the village where Yu-kyung and her sister live. Unexpected events arise.

The fake exorcist, Dr. Cheon, was played by Kang Dong-won, who has repeatedly undergone new transformations regardless of the genre or character of his work, such as in the movies ‘Peninsula’ and ‘The Prosecutor Abduction’. Heo Jun-ho, who leaves a deep impression in each work such as ‘Noryang: Sea of ​​Death’ and ‘Mogadishu’, played the role of Brahma, who hunts down the spiritual power of a shaman by any means possible, completing a powerful villain role. In addition, Lee Som, who has been loved for her unique charm in each work such as the movie ‘A Little Princess’ and the dramas ‘Because This is My First Life’ and ‘Model Taxi’, plays the role of Yu-kyung, a mysterious client who sees ghosts, and shows off vivid character acting, making the play fun. Add. ‘Dr. Chun’s Exorcism Lab: Secrets of the Snowscape’ is the first feature-length directorial work by director Kim Seong-sik, who has worked as an assistant director on ‘Parasite’ and ‘Decision to Break Up’. will captivate.

(Fantasy, Korea, 2023)

Photo provided by: Netflix ‘The Kitchen’
Photo provided by: Netflix ‘The Kitchen’

The Kitchen

London’s last hope

The Netflix movie ‘The Kitchen’ is a film about Izzy, who is about to escape from ‘The Kitchen’, the last remaining public housing complex in London in 2044, and is faced with a difficult decision when Benji, a boy looking for his family, comes to visit..

In London, which has become a dystopia as the gap between the rich and the poor reaches its peak, all forms of public housing are demolished, and all that remains is ‘The Kitchen’, a community that refuses to leave the space they call home. Izzy, trying to escape, meets Benji, a 12-year-old boy looking for his family, and the two, who do not get along at all, fight together to survive in a cold society.

Daniel Kaluuya, who won the 93rd Academy® Award for Best Supporting Actor for his impressive performances in films such as ‘Get Out’ and ‘Judas and the Black Messiah,’ collaborated with Kibwe Tavares on ‘The Kitchen’, which is also Daniel Kaluuya’s directorial debut. do. The main character, Easy, is played by rapper and British actor Kane Robinson, famous for the ‘Top Boy’ series, and he delivers a weighty performance, while newcomer Jediah Bannerman plays the boy Benji and presents an exciting acting ensemble.

(Drama/Science Fiction, UK, 2024)

Photo provided by: Netflix ‘People You Can Trust’
Photo provided by: Netflix ‘People You Can Trust’

someone you can trust

Consolation to those living in the same era

‘Someone You Can Trust’ is a work about the urban survival story of Han Young, a North Korean defector in his 20s who dreams of settling comfortably in Seoul with his eyes open and his nose cut.

Han Young, who became a naturalized South Korean citizen after defecting from North Korea, begins to work as a travel guide for Chinese tourists. Hanyoung dreams of a stable life, but she faces events that cannot be predicted or even controlled, and the prejudiced views of those around her. Han Young’s appearance in her film depicts the loneliness and anxiety of not being able to settle down in life that anyone in the 20s to 30s can relate to, and provides warm comfort to young people living in this era.

‘Someone You Can Trust’ is the first feature-length directorial work by director Kwak Eun-mi, who attracted attention in Korea with short films such as ‘First Date’ and ‘Daejabo’. It was selected as the opening film of the 28th Aichi International Women’s Film Festival and invited to Panorama of the 42nd Vancouver International Film Festival. It was invited to leading overseas film festivals and received rave reviews. The role of Han Young, a North Korean defector, was played by actor Lee Seol, who played various characters in the Netflix series ‘D.P.’ and the drama ‘Bad Detective’, and won the Actor Award at the 24th Jeonju International Film Festival for her realistic portrayal of a North Korean defector. ‘Someone You Can Trust’, which calmly and delicately contains things that can happen to young people who have not yet settled down, delivers a warm message of hope to young people living today.

(Drama, Korea, 2023)

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