Park Ji-yoon “Jang Jin, I won’t tolerate it”…’Crime Scene Returns’ Declaration of war?


[OSEN=Reporter Yoo Soo-yeon]

In the released ‘Player Interview Video’, the players who expressed their feelings about joining <Crime Scene Returns> said, “Physical energy and mental armament” (Jang Jin), “For <Crime Scene> to return again. He came up with his own strategy for this season, such as “I gained experience by appearing in many related programs” (Jang Dong-min), “My persistent inquiring attitude and acting skills that change depending on the situation” (Key), and “I will show a terrible situational comedy” (Joo Hyun-young). It predicted a more intense guessing war.

Next, Park Ji-yoon received the most votes as the ‘most controlled member.’ Jang Jin, who chose Park Ji-yoon, showed off the rivalry that had been built up over a long period of time, saying, “In order for me to do well, I must not lose to her,” and her friend of the same age, Jang Dong-min, also added, “He is an old man, but a famous man,” adding to his expectations for the performance of mystery queen Park Ji-yoon.

Park Ji-yoon, who immediately pointed out Jang Jin as the ‘target of control,’ drew attention by revealing the behind-the-scenes details of the ‘beauty pageant murder case’ in episode 2 of last season. The ‘beauty pageant murder case’ is the

Meanwhile, Hyunyoung Joo received the most selection as the ‘expected new player’. The outstanding acting skills he has shown across entertainment and dramas are expected to shine in

Korea’s first role-playing mystery entertainment

TVING’s original


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