Park Jin-young, Japan’s special feature report ‘proud’..’Golden Girls’ First release of the second new song [Comprehensive]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung] It was also reported that Golden Girls’ second song was released for the first time in ‘Golden Girls’ and that it was featured in the newspaper in Japan.

They successfully completed their Daejeon performance on the KBS2TV entertainment show ‘Golden Girls’, which aired on the 19th.

On this day, Golden Girls’ ‘THE MOMENT’ The stage unfolded. At the same time, a behind-the-scenes recording showing traces of effort was revealed, and the members looked to see if Jinyoung Park was in the recording studio, and Jinyoung Park turned off the lights in the recording studio, creating an atmosphere where the members could focus on singing. She then explained the song, and thanks to this, the members became immersed in the song.

The Golden Girls were then shown advancing to the national level. Park Jin-young brought something of hers like a treasure trove. It turns out that the interview she did in Japan was featured on the front page of the book. The members said, “I’m glad it wasn’t an accident,” and while looking at Park Jin-young’s photo, they laughed and said, “The montage looks like an accident.”


Park Ji-young translated the Japanese article and expressed pride, saying, “It contains a fighting message that it is not too late. Thank you so much.” In response, the members shouted, “Let’s go global,” and Park Jin-young said, “We have to go local before going global.” Then, the wheel was turned and Daejeon won.

And the members gathered at the meeting square. Then she also arrived and Park Jin-young said, “We have introduced a cutting-edge OQ code to listen to objective opinions, and she can give the audience a score for the new song right away,”she said. She said that even if she only got 3.5 points, she was in good condition. She was all like, “We’re going to come out okay,” so she shouted fighting.

Then arrived in Daejeon. Park Jin-young said, “I don’t know how long it’s been since Daejeon. Now, wherever I go, I feel like I have to go with my sisters,” he said with a laugh, “I don’t have the strength to go alone,” and Insooni also showed a strong bond, saying, “I’m also unfamiliar with solo activities.”


The members also unveiled their new song for the first time at their first local performance. First, when Park Jin-young went on stage, Daejeon citizens filled the concert hall. Park Jin-young powerfully introduced her members, and her members also greeted them. Next, Park Jin-young said, “This is the first time to release her second new song,”and she even explained the evaluation time for the new song right after the new song performance. A place where the audience becomes the judge.

After the stage, Park Jin-young said, “This is Golden Girls SEXY, showing true mature sexiness,” and “It’s sexiness like fine wine.” Then a trembling moment. The time for evaluation has arrived. Park Jin-young revealed the on-site reaction evaluation of the new song nervously, saying, “It cannot be manipulated in a rating broadcast on N Portal,” and received an average of 4.8 points out of 5.0.

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