Park Jin-young, surrenders to the temptation of MSG, “It’s organic and it’s delicious” (Golden Girls) [Critical Scene]

(Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Golden Girls’ capture)
(Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Golden Girls’ capture)
(Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Golden Girls’ capture)
(Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Golden Girls’ capture)

[Reporter Lee Ha-na for Newsen]

Park Jin-young, the king of self-management, collapsed after eating food at a rest area.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Golden Girls’, which aired on January 19, the Golden Girls members’ rest stop food mukbang was revealed.

While heading to Daejeon to perform, Park Jin-young and the Golden Girls members stopped at a rest area. The Golden Girls members, who had filled their stomachs with fish cakes, began to look for other foods and frantically bought tteokbokki, potatoes, sotteok and sotteok, etc. Park Mi-kyung was satisfied, saying, “It feels like I’m on a picnic.”

The members returned to the limousine bus carrying a bundle of snacks. Park Jin-young, who saw the large amount of snacks, was surprised and said, “We ate everything for dinner tonight,” and Lee Eun-mi explained, “I bought a lot to eat with the staff.”

Unlike the Golden Girls who ate deliciously, Jinyoung Park hesitated and did not eat alone. When Shin Hyo-beom persuaded him, “You can eat it sometimes,” Lee Eun-mi also said, “You should add a little MSG in it.” “I need to get some blood flowing in my veins,” she said.

In the end, Park Jin-young, who was weakened by his sisters’ words, enjoyed tteokbokki and sotteok and sotteok. Jinyoung Park said, “There is no need for organic food or anything. “It’s so delicious,” she said, making everyone around her burst into laughter.

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