Park Myung-soo “What do Kim Gura, Lee Kyung-gyu, and Jeong Jun-ha have in common? “I’m greedy and get upset easily.” (radio show)


(Xports News Reporter Jeong Min-kyung) Park Myung-soo commented on fellow comedians Kim Gura, Lee Kyung-gyu, and Jeong Jun-ha that they do not seem like good people.

KBS CoolFM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’ aired on the 19th featured DJ Park Myung-soo and guest Jeon Min-ki appearing on ‘Search N Chart’ We proceeded to the corner.

On this day, Park Myung-soo announced, “I will be making a special appearance at the ‘Gag Concert’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Gag Concert’) this week.”Park Myung-soo said, “It’s my first public performance in 20 years.” He made mistakes too. Still, his juniors and coaches liked him very much. He said, “If Gagcon disappears, comedy in our country will end.”

He continued, “Seniors should participate in ‘GagCon’ a lot.” So I told Jeong Jun-ha to leave. Be sure to watch this week’s ‘Gag Concert’ “Look how bad I am,” he said.

Jeon Min-ki asked, “Do you know what Kim Gura, Lee Kyung-gyu, and Jeong Jun-ha have in common?” In response, Park Myung-soo said, “Well. “They don’t seem like very nice people,” he said, and made people laugh by saying, “They are greedy, angry, and angry easily.”

Jeon Min-ki said, “The correct answer is the people who were reported in the article as having had an argument with Park Myung-soo.” Then Park Myung-soo said, “Is there anything I can do that is worse than my senior?” “They say things like that, but it’s just a joke,” he said.

Jeon Min-ki said, “There is a type of person whose hair turns gray when arguing with the other person.” Park Myung-soo said, “I heard a professor in China having a discussion not long ago. However, when one person gave an accurate fact, the other person could not refute it for 5 minutes. “Facts are important,” he said.

Jeon Min-ki then said, “Isn’t there a time when you’re talking and you feel so angry that tears well up in your eyes?” Park Myung-soo said, “Then you lost.” “You shouldn’t get caught up in your emotions,” he said.

Photo = KBS CoolFM

Reporter Jeong Min-kyung

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