Park Seo-jin prays for the sun to defeat “Choi Su-ho.” Will we overcome the miserable record of 7 wins and 6 losses (Mr. Lotto)?

TV CHOSUN ‘Mr. Lotto’
TV CHOSUN ‘Mr. Lotto’

[News Reporter Seulgi Lee]

Park Seo-jin reveals that he even went to pray for the sunrise to defeat Choi Su-ho(?).

TV CHOSUN ‘Mr. Lotto’, which will be aired on January 19th, is ‘Beat the Lotto and turn it over!’ It is featured as a special feature. The four people who showed a hot performance in ‘Miss Trot 3’ but were unfortunately eliminated, set out to relieve their resentment.

Emotional trot genius Lee Soo-yeon, Shimcheong Kim So-yeon who crossed the line, the world’s first Hell Trotter Yang Song-hee, and Miss Korea America Su-bin Jo will appear as mercenaries of the Golden Knights and engage in a fierce singing competition with the TOP7.

Park Seo-jin and Choi Su-ho meet again. Park Seo-jin has never won in seven matches against Choi Su-ho. Park Seo-jin’s record against Choi Su-ho is miserable, with 7 matches, 1 draw, and 6 losses. Park Seo-jin reveals that he even went to pray for the New Year’s sunrise to beat Choi Su-ho (?), causing the scene to burst into laughter.

In the end, on this day, Park Seo-jin said ‘Mr. Lotto’ He goes on stage with his janggu corps to beat Choi Soo-ho, who has the highest winning percentage and is the “Park Seo-jin sniper.” Choi Su-ho and all the cast members could not keep their mouths shut at the appearance of the Janggu corps of the largest scale ever.

Park Seo-jin, who went straight to the sword to defeat Choi Su-ho this time, appears in Yoo San-seul’s ‘Redevelopment of Love’ Presenting the stage. The exciting performance of Park Seo-jin, the god of janggu, and the janggu corps receives rave reviews on site, saying, “You did a great job, you did a great job!”

Meanwhile, it is said that in the match between Park Seo-jin and Choi Su-ho, the record-breaking score was updated, shocking everyone. It is said that he even screamed, “What is happening?!” and “What is happening!” What on earth happened at the scene?

In addition, it is said that Trot genius Lee Soo-yeon refused to shake the hand of Jin Hae-seong, the TOP7 opponent, raising curiosity. It is said that when Lee Soo-yeon refused to shake hands, the cast instead criticized Jin Hae-seong. Next, Lee Soo-yeon is said to have captivated Jin-hae with her passionate comments as much as her singing skills.

TV CHOSUN ‘Mr. Lotto’, which will feature a competition that is more like a drama than a drama, will be broadcast on January 19th.

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