PD also said, “We did really well” even though ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ ended with a low viewership rating of 1%. [Yesterday TV]

Capture from KBS 2TV ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’
Capture from KBS 2TV ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’
Capture from KBS 2TV ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’
Capture from KBS 2TV ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’

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‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’, which had been struggling with a viewer rating of 1%, ended in tears.

The KBS 2TV entertainment ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ aired on January 18th. The last recording of the program took place in episode 70.

On this day, the members all changed their dress code to Chuseok. Due to the abolition of the program, the ‘Chuseok Special’, which cannot be held together in the future, will be held a little early. Hong Jin-kyung said, “Please keep us busy without any time to catch our breath.” He expressed his depressing feelings about the last filming by saying, “I get depressed when I have time to rest,”and Kim Sook warned, “If you cry, you’ll get hit.”

However, the members who did not forget to be playful mentioned the dinner party that would be held after the recording, saying, “We have to finish quickly so let’s do it quickly,””It takes an hour to get there, so we have to leave at 5 o’clock,”and “The sisters took off their makeup and got ready.””I have to finish it at 4 o’clock,” he said, “I have to take pictures, so I have to finish at 3 o’clock,” and then came to the conclusion, “(recording) has to be finished at 2:40.” The time at the time of recording was 2 o’clock. In response, Joo Woo-jae said, “Let’s just turn on the live.” So, he suggested, “Let’s cut out 50 minutes,” which brought laughter.

Afterwards, Hong Jin-kyung was immersed in the virtual setting of Chuseok and said, “There was a lot of talk about ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ being abolished last December, but thanks to the dramatic decision of KBS executives, we were able to celebrate Chuseok. This is possible thanks to your support. It’s all like Chuseok… “she attempted to greet the viewer. However, he soon became glum and said, “Have a bountiful Chuseok…” “Thank you,” she blurted out, and Kim Sook-eun fell into sadness again, saying, “I’m secretly sad.”

Jo Se-ho gave up his speech due to the regret of the abolition, saying, “I can’t do it.”Instead, Jo Se-ho said, “I want to say this,” and “I hope this episode will make every day like Chuseok until the real Chuseok approaches,” creating a touching feeling.

The members did the fall song quiz and conveyor belt quiz as usual. Among them, there was a game where you had to listen to one of the nagging items on the holiday nag menu over the phone to your parents as a ‘Chuseok special’.

The mothers who answered the members’ calls showed warm care for the members. Jo Se-ho’s mother is “‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ I would like to say that I am very grateful and grateful to the entire team. I know very well that the filming team and broadcast staff worked very hard. I hope you succeed wherever you go. “He had great teamwork and was a good professional, but it’s a shame,” he said. “If I get a chance later, I’ll buy him a meal.” You worked hard. Thanks to you, it was fun. He expressed his affection for the program by saying, “I was happy.”

Hong Jin-kyung’s mother said, “I was always grateful to Woo-jae. Our pretty Wooyoung. So lovely and pretty. “It goes without saying that I am grateful to Sook and Seho,” he said, touching the hearts of each member.

Kim Sook called her best friend Song Eun-i on behalf of her parents. Song Eun-i also said “‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ Good work. She expressed her feelings by saying, “I was one of the few who had fun and was a professional, but I feel very sorry.” Song Eun-i responded to the members’ request, “Please produce something for Bibo,”and made a lively laugh by saying, “I’m sorry at that time, but can I do it as ‘Song Kim Hong-jeon’?”and made it a condition for her to join. provided.

Afterwards, when it was time to say goodbye, all the members expressed their disappointment. Jang Woo-young promised, “I will work hard at my job and wait for you as an even crazier kid,” and Joo Woo-jae said, “I think I had a very fun and long dream for a year and a half.” “I will have the same dream again someday, so I will wait for that,” he said, showing an unusually emotional expression. Jo Se-ho also consoled his regret by saying, “I’m sure there will come a day where the production crew and our members can laugh and record together.”

Hong Jin-kyung said, “It’s been a while since I debuted, so many programs start new, then disappear, and this pattern is always repeated. But strangely enough, “Hong Kim Dong-jeon” has such a deep and deep lingering feeling of futility and regret,” he said, “It’s a very strange program.” Even though it wasn’t that long, it seems like a lot of strong bond has built up between the members. Even though the program is over, I want to continue with the members and show them my good side. “I hope you remember and support us anytime and anywhere,” she said.

The eldest sister, Kim Sook, burst into tears when it was her turn to speak. As a result, even Joo Woo-jae started crying. Kim Sook-eun said, “Someone asked.” Why are you guys so close? After thinking about it for a while, I confessed, “As we barely survived each episode, our mutual respect for each other grew, and I didn’t know when it would end, so I tried to do better and be more careful.”It was a program that was a mix of emotions, both thankful and anxious, all trying to come together.

In the tears of everyone from the members to PD Park In-seok and the production crew, Kim Sook-eun said, “They are family-like friends who stayed together during difficult times, so much so that they say I have three dependable younger brothers and a younger sister, so I think this relationship will last until the end.” The same goes for our camera directors, production crew, writers, PDs, and FDs. It was a very happy day. I played really well. “I really laughed, enjoyed, and was happy,” he said, borrowing Joo Woo-jae’s much-talked-about acceptance speech, and said, “Well done to Hong Kim Dong-jeon,” as his final greeting. They all ended the recording by shouting together, “We did really well!”

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