President Choi Yang-rak’s first attempt at daytime business, what to do in the empty streets (Kkanjuk Pocha)

MBN 'Kkanjuk Pocha'
MBN ‘Kkanjuk Pocha’

[News Reporter Ha Ji-won]

‘Kkanjuk Pocha’ is opening its pocha during the day for the first time.

In the 6th episode of MBN’s entertainment program ‘Kkanjukpocha’, which will be broadcast on January 20th, CEO Yang-rak Choi prepares to open a daytime business to welcome more customers.

Chef Pang Hyun-sook, her student Yoo Ji-ae, and special part-timer Choo Seong-hoon prepare their own special new menu. In particular, Pang Hyeon-sook boasts her brilliant skills with a new menu that her guests will love. Pang Hyeon-sook, who even received praise from her husband Choi Yang-rak, arouses her curiosity about what kind of menu she will present.

Choo Seong-hoon makes tteokbokki for the first time at ‘Kkanjukpocha’ at the suggestion of Pang Hyeon-suk. He shows off his unstoppable cooking sense by generously adding all kinds of ingredients to tteokbokki. It is expected that Choo Seong-hoon’s first tteokbokki will be able to satisfy not only the tastes of all employees but also the tastes of Pocha customers.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ji-ae has been busy making pancakes, including buckwheat pancakes and cabbage pancakes, from the first day of business. Yoo Ji-ae, who prepared kimchi pancakes in this business as well, boasts her greatly improved cooking skills. Attention is being paid to whether Yoo Ji-ae, who gained strength from the praise of her employees, will be able to emerge as a new star in the culinary world through ‘Kkanjukpocha’.

Meanwhile, owner Choi Yang-rak becomes impatient as he does not see any customers around the gun carriage. Choi Yang-rak, who is in a hurry, stops chopping firewood for the stove and works hard to attract Lee Sang-jun to announce the news of the opening of the Pocha. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of eventful story will unfold in today’s broadcast.

While it is expected that ‘Kkanjuk Pocha’, which attempted the daytime business for the first time, will be able to attract more customers, the three-color new menu of Pang Hyeon-sook, Yoo Ji-ae, and Choo Seong-hoon will be featured on the MBN entertainment program ‘Kkanjuk Pocha’, which will be broadcast at 8:20 pm on the 20th. ‘ You can check it out in episode 6.

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