Producer Na Young-seok, Seventeen and a grand makeover mission… Seungkwan “Don’t break me” (Nana Tour)

Photo = Provided by tvN ‘Nana Tour with Seventeen’
Photo = Provided by tvN ‘Nana Tour with Seventeen’

[News Reporter Hwang Hye-jin]

Group Seventeen and producer Na Young-seok and other production staff compete without compromise on ‘What are you doing now?’

On tvN’s ‘Nana Tour with Seventeen’ (directed by Na Young-seok, Shin Hyo-jung, and Jang Eun-jeong), which will be broadcast on January 19, the ‘What are you doing now?’ game with pocket money at stake begins.

Seventeen members will not only carry out grand extortion missions to earn pocket money, but will also provide fun by sabotaging each other by any means necessary.

The ‘What are you doing now?’ game, which is held as an individual game, is a way to share pocket money among members who successfully complete a randomly selected mission within the 40-minute time limit. The fewer people who succeed in a mission, the larger the amount each individual takes, and as all sabotage is allowed, it foreshadows an exciting development. As the scene was previously revealed briefly through Seventeen’s live broadcast, there is a lot of interest.

In particular, Seventeen’s reactions explode after confirming their respective missions. “Wow, isn’t this easy?” , “What is this?” , “You can never succeed,” “I think it’s impossible,” and “There’s nothing I can do.” A series of shocking reactions, drawing attention to what kind of absurd mission they were given. do.

In addition, it is said that the two members’ joys and sorrows are mixed just 3 seconds after the game starts, stimulating curiosity. Above all, the members trying to carry out the mission and the members trying to hinder it face off, drawing attention. Seungkwan created a dramatic famous line, “Don’t break me like this from the beginning,” making people curious about the unpredictable outcome of their game.

In the broadcast on the 12th, the ‘Cry in the Silence’ game was played to determine the order of option tour selection. The 8 and Seungkwan teams guessed 5 correctly, the Wonwoo and DK team guessed 2, the Jeonghan and Mingyu team guessed 7, and the Joshua and Vernon team guessed 6. The game results of the Uzi and Dino teams and the Jun and Hoshi teams are still unknown. A situation surrounded by.

You can find out who will take first place and who the members will be going on the hot air balloon tour, Florence city tour, and winery tour in the broadcast aired at 8:40 pm on the 19th.

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