‘Pure Boxer’ Kim So-hye will face the title match without Lee Sang-yeop “I won’t run away” [Comprehensive]


(Reporter Hwang Soo-yeon, Xports News) Lee Sang-yeop and Kim So-hye chose to face the challenges and crises head on.

In the 9th episode of KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Pure Boxer’, which aired on the 18th, Kim Tae-young (Lee Sang-yeop) gave the ultimate thrill by finding Kim Oh-bok (Park Ji-hwan), the illegal private gambling distributor who caused the death of Kim Hee-won (Choi Jae-woong), after searching for him..

On this day’s broadcast, Lee Cheol-yong (Kim Hyeong-mook) asked Kwon-suk, who returned home after three years, to stay home until the title match was over, and offered a sincere apology, saying he was sorry for giving her a hard time, which moved the home theater.

Kwon Sook, who could not understand Taeyoung’s sudden decision to quit being an agent, went to an S&P agent to meet him. When she met Taeyoung, who had come to submit her resignation letter, she revealed her true feelings and said, “I don’t want to break up with you like this,” and her eyes were filled with tears.

Taeyoung tried to hide his painful feelings and said, “If you don’t want to compete, I will release your contract without penalty. “This is all I can do for you right now,” he said, standing up. Kwon Sook realized that his calm demeanor had come to an end and decided not to hold on to him any longer.

Taeyoung visited reporter Park, who was preparing an article on the true nature of match-fixing in professional sports, and asked him to hand over all the evidence he had so he could catch Oh Bok (Park Ji-hwan) and Chairman Nam.

Meanwhile, Han Jae-min (Kim Jin-woo) visited Cheol-yong’s seolleongtang restaurant with the kindergarten teachers and gave Kwon-sook a sincere apology. He said, “It may seem like an excuse, but my feelings for you are real. Nega in the ring. “She was really cool and pretty,” he said, and apologized for unintentionally hurting her.


Ahead of her title match against Han Ah-reum (Chae Won-bin), Kwon Sook was worried about whether she should play the match without Taeyoung. Kwon Sook, who saw Areum’s fierce attitude preparing for the match by working part-time despite her uncomfortable body, said to Taeyoung, “I’m going to continue this match even without you. Just because I’m having a hard time, I can’t ruin someone’s life again. I still hate boxing. “But I still want to take responsibility,” she said, adding that she would fight for the title as scheduled.

Taeyoung, who was tracking Oh Bok and Chairman Nam, was angry when he found out that Oh Bok had taken an IOU from Hee Won’s wife under the pretext of paying for the second treatment. He visited the Baekban restaurant that Oh Bok took him to in the past and baited the restaurant owner by asking him to tell Oh Bok, “I need money urgently and I want to be friends.”

Kwon-sook, who celebrated her birthday, ate seaweed soup made by Cheol-yong and recalled her promise to Tae-young to go see the baobab tree together. At the same time, an alarm for Kwon Sook’s birthday rang on Taeyoung’s cell phone as he went to coach Yang and threatened him to hand over the next player to be involved in match fixing. The moment Taeyoung, who was lonely recalling the promise he had made with Kwon Sook, was about to put his phone in, a call came from Oh Bok, giving goosebumps to the viewers.

Oh Bok sent a photo to Tae Young, asking where he is now. The photo he sent showed the fruit shop run by Taeyoung’s mother, giving viewers goosebumps. Taeyoung, who had turned white with the blood draining from her face, quickly walked somewhere.

At the same time, Kwon-sook arrived at the botanical garden and was waiting for Tae-young, who had not been able to contact her, under the baobab tree. In particular, someone’s feet walk in front of Kwon-sook, who sighs softly as if she is upset, and at the same time, Tae-young, who was walking towards her mother’s fruit shop, looks at the person standing in front of her, raising her curiosity about the next episode. Raised it.

‘Pure Boxer’ is a story of Kwon-sook’s growth in overcoming frustration and trying to stand up on her own, Tae-young’s struggle to take full responsibility for her wrong choices, and Cheol-yong’s fatherly love as he regrets his past mistakes and approaches his daughter. evoked

Meanwhile, episode 10 of KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Pure Boxer’, which was scheduled to air on the 19th, will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 25th (Monday) due to the broadcast of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Photo = KBS 2TV

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