‘Red Carpet’ Hyori Lee, “My dream was to have a boyfriend” since she was 20… “I’ve achieved a lot” Nirvana [Oh!Ssen Review]


[OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young] ‘Lee Hyo-ri’s red carpet’ Lee Hyo-ri was embarrassed when she was 20 years old.

Singer Han Young-ae appeared on KBS2’s ‘Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet’, which aired on the 19th.

Lee Hyo-ri introduced Han Young-ae and said, “She is the senior I really wanted to have. The wish came true. She burst into tears while rehearsing. “She felt grateful when she saw someone and said she was happy and her heart was alive, shedding tears,” she said. Young-ae Han overwhelmed her audience with her ‘Lucille’ performance, and Hyori Lee was happy wearing her ‘in-ears.’ “It was a very happy day because I could even hear her breathing,” she said.

Lee Hyori said, “When you appeared on ‘Lee So-ra’s Proposal,’ I appeared on Fin.K.L.” At this time, the video ‘Lee So-ra’s Proposal’ in which Han Young-ae and Lee Hyo-ri appeared was released, and Lee Hyo-ri admired Han Young-ae and praised her outfit.


Lee Hyo-ri’s time when she was 20 was also revealed. Hyori Lee was embarrassed and asked, “Why are you sweating so much?” At the time, when Lee So-ra asked her, ‘What is your dream this fall?’ she answered, “Getting a boyfriend.” After seeing this, Hyori Lee laughed again and said, “I achieved a lot of my dreams, but I sweated a lot because I was nervous.” /elnino8919@osen.co.kr

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