Renault Korea XM3 E-TECH for all, once again attracting attention for its high cost-effectiveness


– After Renault Korea declared ‘2024 the year of hybrid popularization’, the average daily hybrid contract increased by 900%
– Reasonable price in the 20 million won range, excellent hybrid system, and the latest convenience and safety equipment Equipped as standard, consumer interest is high

Consumer interest in the XM3 E-TECH for all, introduced by Renault Korea Motors (CEO Stephane DeBlaise, hereinafter referred to as Renault Korea) as a declaration of popularization of hybrids, is hot.

Renault Korea is preparing a new hybrid mid-sized SUV this year and has launched the Newly introduced on the first day.

XM3 E-TECH for all, a hybrid model equipped with a hybrid drive system closest to an electric vehicle and the latest convenience and safety equipment, priced at a reasonable price, accounted for more than 50% of Renault Korea’s new car contracts by 7 days after its release on the first day of the new year. It is receiving great response from consumers. In terms of the number of contracts, the average number of contracts for hybrid models in the past week has increased by more than 900% compared to the average number of contracts per day last year.

The XM3 E-TECH Hybrid combines a clutchless multi-mode gearbox, which has acquired more than 200 patents through Renault’s F1 know-how, with a dual motor system and gasoline engine to provide a balance of high energy efficiency and dynamic driving performance. It is a characteristic. While maximizing the use of electric motors, it uses a combination of series, parallel, and series-parallel hybrid modes depending on the operating environment.

Easy Connect 9.3 provides real-time TMAP as standard. The navigation system supports Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto wireless connectivity, in-car payment that allows ordering, payment and receipt within the vehicle, and safety support call services.

In addition, various advanced driving safety assistance systems and convenience functions, such as high-speed road and congested area driving assistance (HTA), are provided as standard specifications. It also proved its safety by obtaining the highest safety rating in both domestic KNCAP and Euro NCAP (European Automobile Safety Assessment).

Jaeseop Hwang, Executive Director of Renault Korea Sales and Network, said, “For customers who were hesitant to purchase a hybrid vehicle, we have prepared the “We hope you will come across the hybrid XM3 E-TECH for all, which is the closest to an electric vehicle, and the QM6, a mid-sized family SUV with a reasonable price of around 30 million won, at the Renault Korea showroom,” he said.

The price of the XM3 E-TECH for all, which Renault Korea introduced while declaring the popularization of hybrids, reflects the eco-friendly car tax benefits and is ▲RE for all KRW 27.95 million ▲INSPIRE for all KRW 30.52 million.

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Photo by Renault Korea Motors

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