“Sensei is Japanese, and Korean is teacher”… Jo In-seong corrects the US market in Korean (‘Somehow I’m the President 3’) [Yesterday TV]


[OSEN=Reporter Park Geun-hee] ‘Somehow the President 3’ Mayor Marina ate at the market.

In the tvN ‘How To Be the President 3’ episode that aired on the 18th, ‘Asia Market’ This is what the 8th day of business looked like.

Kyung-ho Yoon saw Tae-hyun Cha putting up price tags and praised him, saying, “You look like a person who really uses his hands to run a business.” When he saw him making a no-look pass, he said, “I’m going to go out as a master of life,” making Cha Tae-hyun laugh.

Meanwhile, Park Bo-young and Park In-bee took charge of the counter. The customer said, “Oh inbee hai.” “Are there any games this week?” he asked. Inbee Park said, “Not for the time being. “I gave birth not long ago.” When asked about her gender, she said that Inbee Park was her daughter and she also replied that she was 4 months old. The surrounding guests who heard this congratulated him.


After a flurry of guests passed by, Park Bo-young sat down and rested. Cha Tae-hyun asked, “Groggy?” and Park Bo-young said, “I want to sit down for a moment,” and she laughed. Cha Tae-hyun sweetly said that he could sit down. Park Bo-young warmed up her body by stretching in between workouts.

A couple appeared who were amazed at Park Bo-young’s small face and cute appearance. Her wife asked Cha Tae-hyun, “I wonder who that person is,” and Cha Tae-hyun said, “She’s my daughter,” embarrassing the couple. Cha Tae-hyun added, “In the movie,” making the couple burst into laughter.

Mayor Marina also came to eat. After finishing a delicious meal, the mayor asked Jo In-seong various questions. When asked what he would have done if he had not become an actor, Jo In-seong replied, “Taekwondo teacher.” When asked if he was a sensei, Jo In-seong said, “That’s Japanese.” “In Korean, teacher,” he corrected.


The mayor continued, “Are politics in Seoul okay? Or is it not good?” he asked a difficult question, which embarrassed Jo In-seong. Jo In-seong made people laugh by making a worried expression without saying a word.

Jo In-seong had an Oriental medicine doctor check his pulse. The Oriental medicine doctor said, “My heart failure and liver pulse are very weak right now. strain. “You need to rest,” he said, making Jo In-seong burst into laughter. Jo In-seong raised his hand and said, “I’m overworked.”

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[Photo] Screen capture of ‘Sometimes I’m the President 3′ broadcast

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