SHINee’s Key, “Rise, a fellow SM junior? It’s difficult for me too… “It feels like it will break if I touch it.” (‘Hyeri’) [Oh! Strong Point]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Ye-sol] Key confessed the difficulties he faced as a senior.

On the 19th, on the YouTube channel ‘Hyeri’, ‘Hyeon’s club’ To Part 3 ‘Oppa Key really just came to make fun of me’ While the title video was released, SHINee’s Key appeared as a guest.

On this day, Hyeri attracted attention by preparing Blood Mary, Key’s favorite cocktail, for him. Key said, “When I first ate it, I thought this was it. “She drinks a lot, and at the last minute, she uses this to clear her throat, and I feel like she’s finished drinking today,” she explained.


Key talked about the top 5 younger siblings he recently selected. Key said, “After doing that, the kids said something. “Brother, why am I in 4th place?” he said. Key then said, “I felt lonely around this time. There was no contact with the second generation. “I couldn’t even say hello because of the coronavirus,” he said.

Key said, “Now that I’m watching music shows, I’m starting to feel happy again. But he’s too young. Rise: Kids like this are difficult for me too. It’s been 15 years since debut. Giving advice is also difficult. If I try to throw out even one word, I wonder what will happen if I turn out to be an old man. “It feels like it will break if I touch it,” he said. Recalling her debut days, Key said, “Her seniors looked at Taemin and talked about how he was walking. “I think she knows that feeling,” she said, making her laugh.


Hyeri asked her younger sister to pick the best one. In response, Key said, “The only younger sibling you have is you,”and she chose Hyeri and Red Velvet Yeri, making everyone around her burst into laughter.

Hyeri and Key fought and laughed. Hyeri said, “Among the questions, there was a question about whether there was a moment when you got really angry,” making everyone around her burst into laughter. Hyeri said ‘Nolto’ She caught people’s attention by saying that she actually got angry once while filming. Key said, “If the Nolto production team hadn’t protected us like that, we wouldn’t have been able to broadcast. It’s been resolved a lot now, but the Nolto recording studio is really hot. He drew attention by saying, “If I record twice, I get annoyed by small things in the afternoon.”


Hyeri asked, “There was a question about whether it was Nolto or Nahonsan.” In response, Key said, “On the contrary, I will ask her fans. “Can she let go of either of them?” she asked, making her laugh. Key said, “Nolto is a professional who I am very thankful that PD Lee Tae-kyung recognized me. “Nolto will stay until the end even if the viewership rating drops to 0.1%,” he said.
[Photo: YouTube channel ‘Hyeri’]

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