Singer Hong Isaac, praises the judges despite his mistakes, saying, “He is a singer with no expiration date.” Impressed (‘Singer Gain 3’)

[Ten Asia = Reporter Jo Na-yeon]

Photo = JTBC 'Singer Gain 3' Broadcast screen capture
Photo = JTBC ‘Singer Gain 3’ Broadcast screen capture

Singer Hong Isaac received rave reviews from the judges.

In JTBC’s ‘Singer Gain 3’ broadcast on the 18th, the second round of the free song round was held.

Judge Kim Eana said, “So Soo-bin is The most surprising part is that the ability to use great techniques and emotions at the same time seems to have had the power to make me immerse myself in something rather than looking into it. Especially in songs like this, which have a sense of rhythm and contain emotion, note-by-note planning is required, and among the singers I’ve seen recently, they’re the best at it and perfect at it. Today, Soo-bin Soo-bin has always put on a performance that exhausts the emotions of the listener, even though she doesn’t use much of her own emotions. “I was so happy that she wrote about her feelings today,” she praised.

Judge Yoon Jong-shin said, “It is easy to think of Su-bin So as a singer who only has a good tone of voice, but not only does she have a good tone, but her unique way of playing the rhythm is very popular and technical. She has a good tone, but it was surprising to see how her own voice softly settled into the Latin rhythm. I especially liked how her mood changed to a dreamy one in the second half, leaving a bit of regret. She is a great singer who can listen and put it down. She commented, “It was the most perfect stage.”

Singer Soo Soo-bin received 787 points from the judges’ score, reclaiming first place from Choo Seung-yeop. Singer Shin Hae-sol received 769 points from the judges’ score.

Singer No. 7 Hong Isaac said in an interview before the performance, “I decided to come see it because it was the final stage. I have been running a school and teaching in Africa for 6 years. My parents have rarely seen me perform. It’s my son’s live performance that I rarely see, and when I heard that he was going to see it again in the finals, he said, “What if I can’t concentrate?””I’m worried,” he said.

Singer Hong Isak sang Cho Yong-pil’s ‘Song of the Wind’ She performed the final performance on stage. Judge Baek Ji-young said about Hong Isak’s performance, “I think today was the most difficult day while judging. I really liked the arrangement that was prepared to satisfy the ears of those who were prepared to listen with great courage. The progress was good, but I feel as bad as Isaac for saying that it was so good regardless of the small mistakes. In fact, it’s just a pity that that mistake came out here, but the truth is, I love Isaac’s music so much, and as a loving fan, I was happy to see this performance,”he said, giving a warm-hearted review.

Judge Lim Jae-beom drew attention by praising Hong Isak, saying, “I want to say that Hong Isak is a singer with no expiration date.”

Jo Na-yeon, Ten Asia Reporter

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