[Subsuda] Sol, “I want to hear a compliment from senior Kim Gun-mo saying, ‘You’re good at singing.’”


[SBS Entertainment News ㅣ Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon] Singer Sol (29, Lee So-ri) has released a remake album that reinterprets the famous songs of prominent music industry seniors in his own musical style. On the 18th, the day the new EP ‘A Love Supreme’ was released, I met Sol in person.

Sol, who appeared with a cute smile, personally performed the double title songs of this album, ‘Beautiful Farewell’ and ‘I Want to Be Close to You’. It was a song that combined Sol’s groovy voice and sorrowful emotions. ‘Beautiful Farewell’ was released by Kim Gun-mo in 1995, and ‘The Lover I Want to Be Close to’ was a rare masterpiece released by Nami in 1992.

“At first, I only wanted to have ‘The One I Want to Be Close to’ as the title song, and ‘Beautiful Farewell’ was the last song included. The reason why I started this album was thanks to the recommendation of the late CEO Go Kyeong-min, so in keeping with that purpose, many people “I chose ‘Beautiful Farewell’, which I love, as the double title song.”

In the message for this album’s ‘Special Thanks To’, the name of the late CEO Go Gyeong-min was included and expressed sincere gratitude. While working on this album, I couldn’t help but think of CEO Go’s thoughts several times as he watched me working hard on cover songs.

Sol said that working on ‘Beautiful Farewell’ was the most difficult.


“One of the songs I sing the most when practicing singing at vocal academy is ‘Beautiful Breakup.’ The level of difficulty is high, and expressing emotions is not an easy task. Because I have never experienced such a desperate breakup, it was difficult for me to express those emotions. “It may have been impossible. So, I tried to contain a lighter message of farewell than the original song, but I still focused on producing sounds and emotions that only I could do.”

When asked what kind of compliment he would like to receive from the original singer, Kim Gun-mo, Sol tilted his head for a while and could not hide his embarrassed expression, saying that he would like to hear people say, “He sings well.”

In addition to the double title song, this album contains five remake songs that span generations, including ‘Love Supreme’ (Original by Banjang Kim and Windy City), ‘Wait’ (Original by Panic), and ‘Losing Your Heart’ (Original by Nell).

Sol chose Naul’s ‘Homecoming’ as the most memorable remake song he has heard. ‘Return’ is a song sung by singer-songwriter Park Seon-ju in 1989, but it was later remade by Naul in 2005 and received great love.

Sol emphasized, “I actually liked it because I thought it was senior Naul’s song. I want to follow suit in that a remake song can receive a lot of love with a different interpretation from the original song.”

Since debuting with the single album ‘RIDE’ in 2017, Sol has not only engaged in his own music activities but also featured in the albums of various musicians. In addition to his close friend THAMA, he participated in featuring in abundance regardless of music genre, including Big Nutty, Ha:tfelt, Yang Yoseop, Gaeko, Kim Hyun-chul, Brown Eyed Soul, Jeong Jun-il, and Dynamic Duo.

Sol, who gave a simple but clear answer, “I do it because it’s fun,”smiled shyly when asked why he received so many featuring love calls, saying, “Sometimes I think, ‘Is it because I like my voice?’”


The artist that Sol chose that he would like to work with at least once is G-Soul. Sol said, “There are so many artists I want to work with, but if I had to pick one in Korea, I respect G-Soul oppa a lot. I’ve never worked with him before, but I’m so nervous at the thought of working with him. I think, ‘Am I just not ready?’ “He did not hide his respect for his fellow artists.

Sol also hinted that the plan for the next album has been somewhat completed.

“I’ve never done anything conceptual before, but I’m preparing it because I thought about what R&B from the 1990s and 2000s would be like. I even have a few songs in mind. I think it might be next year. I’ve been thinking for a long time that I want to sing until I become a grandmother. “I hope this will be a step towards laying the foundation for you to dream far ahead in your 30s.”

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