‘The best baseball player’ travels to Jeju on a private plane, airport fashion war

Photo = Provided by JTBC ‘Strongest Baseball’
Photo = Provided by JTBC ‘Strongest Baseball’

[News Reporter Lee Min-ji]

The strongest monsters leave for Jeju Island on a private plane.

In the 76th episode of JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’, which airs at 10:30 pm on January 22nd, the strongest monsters who left for Jeju Island will be revealed.

Previously, the Strongest Monsters won against Dankook University in the last game of the 2023 season and confirmed their trip to Jeju Island. They predicted an unusual atmosphere from the start.

The strongest monsters gather at the airport early in the morning to go to Jeju Island. Some even arrive before the filming set up, showing a lot of excitement.

In particular, the airport fashion of the strongest monsters steals attention. Yoo Hee-gwan wears the ‘Paris Hee-gwan look’ and decorates the airport with celebrity fashion. Song Seungjun also enters the fashion war with powerful styling.

Finally, Yoo Hee-kwan points out the fashion sense of Jeong Geun-woo and Jang Won-sam, saying, “They are people who don’t even know when they are defeated by fashion.” Jeong Geun-woo responds by saying, “I really want to beat him.”

In addition, Shin Jae-young and Choi Soo-hyun are said to have a dizzying experience where they cannot even look at each other properly, raising curiosity about the story. Broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 22nd.

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