The dangerous temptation of sweet cookies… Nam Ji-hyun and Jeong Da-bin’s ‘Hi Cookie’ sister poster released


[OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young] LG U+’s first mid-form drama ‘Hi Cookie’ has confirmed its release on October 23 and released a teaser poster and sister poster.

U+Mobile TV’s original ‘Hi Cookie’ is a story about an elite high school being engulfed by mysterious handmade cookies that make your desires come true with just one bite. It will depict a group of humans struggling with their own desires in a swamp created by cookies.

The released poster sensuously captures the cool atmosphere of the drama. First, the teaser poster that highlights cookies surrounded by name tags catches attention. It stimulates curiosity about how this harmlessly smiling little cookie will shake up people’s lives, and at the same time, it raises curiosity about who the various names scattered around belong to.

In the following sister poster, Nam Ji-hyun and Jeong Da-bin lean on each other, but each looks in a different direction and maintains a strange sense of distance. Choi Soo-young, played by Nam Ji-hyun, and Choi Min-young, played by Jeong Da-bin, are sisters who care for each other but have a debt of heart due to an incident. The copy, “You don’t know anything, what my dream is,” represents the sisters’ different dreams and raises expectations for the story the two will show in the future.

‘Hi Cookie’, which attracted attention with the release of the teaser poster and sister poster, is a new original drama co-produced by global content production company Arc Media, Monster Union, and STUDIO I took charge. Here, actor Nam Ji-hyun plays the role of Choi Soo-young, a girl who jumps in to save her younger brother from a swamp, Choi Hyun-wook plays the role of Seo Ho-su, a poor boy who maintains top grades at an elite high school, and Kim Moo-yeol plays the mysterious role of Yoo Seong-pil, the best college entrance exam consultant in the underworld., Jeong Da-bin gave a passionate performance as Choi Min-young, a girl who becomes deeply entangled with Cookie and falls into a swamp. <Hi Cookie>, which was created through the meeting of a production company, director, and actors who guarantee a well-made film, is expected to capture the hearts of viewers with its unique material and unpredictable development.

LG U+’s first original drama ‘Hi Cookie’ will be released for the first time on U+ Mobile TV on October 23rd. /

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