Xiumin’s five-colored styling is perfect, and he’s a charming character who goes back and forth between being grumpy and kind (President Doll Mart)

Xiumin (Capture from ‘CEO Dol Mart’)
Xiumin (Capture from ‘CEO Dol Mart’)
Xiumin (Capture from ‘CEO Dol Mart’)
Xiumin (Capture from ‘CEO Dol Mart’)

[News Reporter Ha Ji-won]

Xiumin of ‘President Doll Mart’ aroused the interest of viewers by creating a character with a strong personality.

TVING’s exclusive series ‘CEO Idol Mart’ (directed by Lee Yu-yeon, written by Jang Jeong-won), in which Xiumin appears, is a youth comic drama that depicts the challenges of an idol’s mart business after being disbanded due to an unexpected accident. Xiumin is a former member of the idol group ‘Thunder Boys’. He played the role of Shin Tae-ho, the main dancer and a cashier at Boram Mart overnight, and led the play in a variety of ways.

In particular, in episodes 1 and 2, Xiumin was taken to the police station on the false accusation of breaking the glass door of Boram Mart and breaking in. After learning that he was the paper owner of Boram Mart with the members of ‘Thunder Boys’, Shin Tae-ho, who became the president, became the president. Expressed with lively acting skills, he captured the attention of the viewers.

In addition, after many twists and turns, Xiumin opens Boram Mart with the members, and portrays Shin Tae-ho, who communicates friendly with customers who visit the mart, as a tough but sly and kind person, bringing vitality to every part of the work.

Adding to the fun of trying out colorful stylings such as supermarket uniforms, Taekwondo uniforms, and ‘Thunder Boys’ stage costumes, expectations are rising for the various aspects and activities he will show in the future as Shin Tae-ho.

‘CEO Dol Mart’ is released exclusively on TVING with two episodes every Friday at 4 PM.

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