The final winner was Lee Isaac Hong, but everyone did really well (‘Singer Gain 3’)


[Enter Media = Jeong Deok-hyeon] The final winner of JTBC audition

In fact, <Singer Gain> is an audition program that is bound to attract talented people to match its characteristics of ‘Sing Again’. This is because it is a stage provided to singers who have sufficient talent but live a life of near obscurity for various reasons. Nevertheless, the fact that talented people poured out this season in particular shows that the status and recognition of the program called


What was especially good about <Singer Gain 3> was that the personalities of the performers were clearly conveyed to the public without overlapping each other. This means that although the singers were originally unique, the judges and producers were successful in combining them into one character. He himself said that he had a voice that was “uncomfortable to listen to,”but he overcame that with his strong personality and charm, “sounding like a combination of Choo Jin-soo and Lee Seung-yeop.”This is the case with Seung-Yeop Choo, who showed a room, and this is the case with Ri-Jin, who broke out of lonely days with her unique lonely but kind voice and gradually made eye contact with the audience and grew with support.

As a trainee, he was rejected from countless auditions and spent eight years in a basement practice room, but through


In particular, the narrative of Soo-bin Soo and Lee Isaac Hong, who were designated as rivals several times and competed for the final championship, was the most exciting part of

‘He introduced himself as an easy singer, but I wonder how much effort it took to easily convey it to the listener…’ I can relate to one viewer’s comment that he puts a lot of effort into each note. presented the stage. The words he left while standing on stage, “I just need to be difficult,”are likely to be imprinted as the signature of singer So Soo-bin in the future. That is where the true emotion of the unique emotion that comes from a stage made with sincerity will come out.


Hong Isak, who won the final, had the regret of having a slight out of tune on the last stage, but it seems that the unique colors he has shown on every stage of

Just like the compliment, “You did a great job,” which judge Lim Jae-beom coined as a catchphrase in this

Columnist Jeong Deok-hyun

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