The music that Hikey wants to make, the story he wants to share ‘H1-KEYnote'[Interview]


[OSEN=Reporter Seon Mi-kyung] Hi-Key (Seoi, Riina, Hwiseo, Yell), an icon group of comfort and emotion, returns. This is a new song 5 months after ‘Seoul Dreaming’ released in August last year. This time, we plan to show another color of High Key while communicating with richer emotions.

Hi-Key made a comeback by releasing the new song ‘Thinkin’ About You’ at 6 PM on the 19th. This new song announces the beginning of a new project called ‘H1-KEYnote’. High Key delivers a special gift to music fans with emotional pop that melts the cold of midwinter. This Highkey Note project shows a new highkey side, rather than the flashy idols that have been shown before.

“I started planning this project because I came across a good song given by former producer Ryan. We focused on the vocal part, promoting our musicality and telling the story we wanted to tell. Rather than focusing on choreography or performance like before, we plan to fill it with songs that focus on vocals and music. “I think it would be good because it would be a project where each person could express the music they wanted to make.”

‘Thinkin’ About You’ is a pop song with a warm and cozy feel, with acoustic guitar sounds, minimal drums, and bass driving the song. It expresses the longing for the ex-lover in a realistic and adult way, and shows a strong and mature side that does not shed tears even though it is saddened by the breakup. In particular, the emotional vocals of Hi-Key members are impressive.

“This is my first project and there is no choreography this time. It’s a song that focuses on vocals and has English lyrics. Hi-Key has been an artist who provides comfort and empathy with Korean lyrics, but I am curious what the reaction will be when he comes out with projected lyrics. “I’m half nervous and half excited.” (Seoi)

“I came out with a completely different atmosphere like a ballad, so I also worry about, ‘Will people like it a lot?’ “I’m shaking too.” (Yel)

“Still, it’s a song so addictive that you can start humming it right away from the first time you hear it. “I’m curious and hopeful that even people who hear it for the first time will find it highly addictive.” (Hwiseo)

“There are many things that are new to me this time. “It’s a new project, and I feel like I’m taking on a big challenge as we start a new year, so I’m doing my best.” (Rina)

This project, which started from the keynote of Hi-Key music and the identity of ‘good music’ held by the Hi-Key group, seeks to provide comfort and inspiration to those living in the contemporary world solely through the power of songs and lyrics. We focused solely on music, focusing on the story that only Hi-Key can tell. We plan to tell their stories in a calm, sometimes straightforward manner, rather than as flashy idols. As it was a new challenge, the Hi-Key members also put in a lot of effort.

“I think this is my first time trying harmony. She sang a harmony while making eye contact with her members. Previously, I tried to express myself through choreography, facial expressions, and gestures, but this time I focused on conveying and expressing the vocals and music well. I think fans will find it interesting that that part has changed.” (Seoi)

“I tried to focus by listening to each other’s voices a lot. We put a lot of effort into being able to mix while hearing each other’s voices. “It was fun to be able to take on a new challenge.” (Rina)


What’s special about ‘Thinkin’ About You’ is that the entire lyrics are written in English. Hi-Key has previously shown the power of lyrics that bring comfort and emotion through ‘Roses Blooming Between Buildings’. This time, we are taking on another new challenge: English lyrics. Although the lyrics were in English, it was a song that was moving because of the addictiveness of the repetitive refrain and the tone itself.

“When I first received the demo and listened to it, the lyrics were in English, but I thought it conveyed the music well, so I decided to do it. “We felt like we could convey our musicality to global fans, and we decided to try something new, so this is what happened.” (Seoi)

“The refrain is repeated, and I think that part is very addictive. I sing along. I think the tones will also be a point. “In the past, if emotions were expressed through facial expressions on stage, I think emotions were expressed only through tone of voice.” (Hwiseo)

“I think the point this time was to melt emotions with my voice. “I was worried because the lyrics were not in Korean, but I wanted to convey the color I wanted to convey broadly and show a different side of myself.” (Rina)

Hi-Key plans to build the ‘Hi-Key Note’ project with good music, starting with ‘Think About You’. The hope is to communicate with a variety of emotions and colors by playing the music that Hikey wanted to do one by one. In addition to songs filled with emotion, we can also look forward to various attempts to reveal each member’s individuality.

“I thought the band sound went well with High Key, but I wish I could sing a song that blends in with the band sound or a rock song. “He said he wanted to try a really strong, girl-crushing song.”

‘Hikey Note’ is also a project that emphasizes the identity of ‘good music’, which can be said to be the color of the team called Hikey. We plan to fill it with comforting and healing music that Hi-Key has played so far. What is the ‘good music’ that Hi-Key wants to deliver to music fans?

“I think it’s the kind of music you turn to to gain strength and enjoy the moment. “If it becomes a driving force in life, I hope it becomes Hikey’s music.” (Hwiseo)

“I think it’s a song that can move people. “Music that can move your emotions and make you cry more when you’re sad or depressed, or make your body move more when you’re happy.” (Yel)

“I think the best songs are those that touch your emotions. I want to find and listen to it again, and I think the best song is the one where I hear something new every time I listen to it. The song that comes to mind for me right now is senior IU’s ‘Night Letter’. I think it’s important how you feel at the end of the day and how you go to bed. “It helps me a lot because it feels like a song that comforts me with love.” (Rina)

“I think it’s music that can make you feel uneasy. In my opinion, the essential value of music is that people gain comfort and joy by listening to it. I think the value is being able to move emotions. To me, such a song is Hi-Key’s ‘A Rose Blooming Between Buildings.’” (Seoi)


Hi-Key, now in its 3rd year of debut, is planning more active activities by starting a new project called ‘Hi-Key Note’. In particular, last year, ‘Roses Blooming Between Buildings’ gained popularity in reverse, and High Key received a lot of attention. With this song, Hi-Key earned the title ‘icon of reversal’ and ‘small-medium miracle’, and also became synonymous with comfort and healing music. It was a thankful year for the members as they received a lot of love and were able to pursue their goals.

“It was a very thankful year. It was a thankful and precious year for me as I got the opportunity to perform on the year-end stage and at a university festival, which I had said was my goal. I said I wanted to do many things, but now that I’ve seen them actually come true, I want to say them out loud and achieve them again this year. “I haven’t had many opportunities to meet fans, but I hope there is a place where Hikey and Mikey can spend their time instead of a music room.” (Seoi)

“Because so many people loved ‘A Rose That Bloomed Between Buildings,’ I felt a desire to repay them with a better song and to show a variety of sides. “I tried a lot of new things and tried many things for the first time, but I have a desire to create a better version of myself.” (Yel)

“There were a lot of things I wanted to do and achieve in 2023. It was a thankful year because more than half of the work was accomplished. Starting 2024, I was able to set a new goal. I want to achieve even more success and remain as an artist that Mikey can be proud of. “I have a great desire to achieve it.” (Hwiseo)

“I felt like I received more love than I expected in 2023, so I had an amazing and thankful year. Last year was my second year, so there were a lot of new things to do, but I was able to gain a lot of experience, and I want to do it skillfully and well.” (Rina)

Because we met good music, received a lot of love, and were able to make the name Hi-Key known, we were very determined to continue our activities in 2024, our third year. As we take the first step in the new year with a meaningful project called ‘Hikey Note’, we are looking forward to various activities. Above all, this year, we had a goal of promoting Hi-Key’s music through ‘pure driving’.

“This time, I want to drive straight instead of reverse! “I want to put about three songs on the top 100 of the music charts.” (Hwiseo)

“As Hi-Key, we want to let people know that there is a gem-like group of four members whose colors match well. I hope it will be recognized as high key itself. “The goal is to show our colors diversely and clearly.” (Seoi)

And he did not leave out a message to the most important fans.

“I want to become an artist that Mikey can be proud of. “I hope you will support Mikey a lot because he will become an artist who can put on a great stage so he can be proud of himself wherever he goes. I think it will be a year where he can show a lot of new sides of himself.” /

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