The person who came out of Jang Na-ra’s hotel room 7 years ago was So Yi-hyun’s ex-boyfriend (My Happy End) [TV Hot Shot]

▲ TV Chosun weekend mini-series 'My Happy End' aired on the 21st. Scenes. On this day's broadcast, it was revealed that Jang Na-ra, Son Ho-jun, and So Yi-hyeon were intertwined by cruel fate. Broadcast screen capture
▲ TV Chosun weekend mini-series ‘My Happy End’ aired on the 21st. Scenes. On this day’s broadcast, it was revealed that Jang Na-ra, Son Ho-jun, and So Yi-hyeon were intertwined by cruel fate. Broadcast screen capture

[SPOTV News = Reporter Kim Won-gyeom] The fact that Jang Na-ra, Son Ho-jun, and So Yi-hyeon in ‘My Happy End’ were entangled in cruel fate was revealed in detail.

In the 8th episode of TV Chosun’s weekend mini-series ‘My Happy End’ (written by Baek Seon-hee, directed by Jo Soo-won) that aired on the 21st, Seo Jae-won (Jang Na-ra), who has forgotten her memory, and Heo Soon-yeong (Son Ho-jun), who learns of Seo Jae-won’s bipolar disorder, have been struggling for 7 years. The scene of Kwon Yun-jin (So Yi-hyeon), who went on a rampage due to her ex-boyfriend coming out of Seo Jae-won’s hotel room, caused a stir.

First, Heo Soon-young was confused by the situation where Seo Jae-won had become a completely different person and repeatedly wondered, “What on earth is this?” Seo Jae-won, who was preparing to go to work the next day, felt unfamiliar with himself, feeling different from usual, but tried to shake it off, and suddenly worried that Heo Soon-young could not speak to Kwon Yun-jin, which made Heo Soon-young distraught. And Heo Soon-young found Seo Jae-won’s medicine cabinet labeled ‘Headache’ in her refrigerator and became suspicious.

Heo Soon-young visits Seo Jae-won’s stepfather, Seo Chang-seok (Kim Hong-pa), and says that Seo Jae-won, who had not been in contact with him for two days, has appeared as a completely different person. Heo takes out Seo Jae-won’s medicine cabinet and asks about the identity of the medicine and the wound on Seo Jae-won’s arm, but Seo Chang-seok calmly responds. Didn’t answer. Along the way, Heo Soon-young visited a neuropsychiatry hospital and presented Seo Jae-won’s medicine, wondering, “I heard it’s a medicine used to treat bipolar disorder,”but she refused, saying that no psychiatrist could tell her except for her.

As a dejected Heo Soon-young was about to leave, the doctor said, “Your condition may be worsening. “She may need to be hospitalized and receive intensive treatment,” he said, revealing that she was in serious condition. She Heo Soon-young recalled Seo Jae-won’s actions that she had ignored indifferently, and was devastated by the fact that she had not known of Seo Jae-won’s illness until now.

Heo Soon-young, who arrived home with mixed feelings, was so moved by the bright smiles of Seo Jae-won and Heo Ah-rin (Choi So-yul), who had prepared a surprise birthday party, that she went out. Heo Soon-young then showed her medicine bottle to Seo Jae-won who followed her and said, “I am your husband. “Even if no one else knows, you should have told me,” he lamented, and Seo Jae-won expressed his guilt for not being able to tell, saying, “I was scared that I would have to carry the burden of my heart with me for the rest of my life.” Then, Heo Soon-young turned to Seo Jae-won, who felt sorry for her, and said, “What did I really do without knowing that you were sick?” She regretted what she had done and shed tears of sorrow.

Afterwards, Heo Soon-young received a video of the launch event seven years ago from Yoon Teo (Lee Ki-taek) and tracked down Heo Ah-rin’s biological father, who entered the hotel room with Seo Jae-won. She looked up the identities of those who came and went through the list of attendees and obtained videos, followed them one by one, collected their genes, conducted a genetic test to confirm the paternity of Heo Ah-rin and her, and deleted them from the list one by one.

Soonyoung Heo met Teo Yoon and showed him a photo of a mysterious man with no information on the list, and Teo Yoon said, “This is Kwon Yunjin’s ex-boyfriend. “Kim Sang-beom,” she said, surprising Heo Soon-young by revealing an unexpected fact that 7 years ago, she had tried to kill Kwon Yun-jin after breaking up with the man she loved. Moreover, Heo Soon-young, who confirmed the genetic test of Nam Tae-ju (Park Ho-san), who was not on the list, looked at the name of the only remaining Kim Sang-beom, and she recalled the past when the four of them met together with Seo Jae-won and Kwon Yun-jin, raising her doubts.

On the other hand, Seo Jae-won, who cannot remember, was confused after hearing about the divorce between Seo Jae-won and Heo Soon-young from his daughter Heo Ah-rin and searching for articles. Heo Soon-young, who was watching this with pity, said, “I said it was her dissociative memory disorder. I need to avoid stressing her as much as possible. He remembered Seo Chang-seok’s words, “What on earth happened to Jaewon?” and put on a determined expression.

Heo Soon-young then visits Kwon Yun-jin, who is hovering around Seo Jae-won, and plays a recording of Kwon Yun-jin’s phone call in which she was confessing to Kwon Young-ik (Kim Myung-soo) about Baek Seung-gyu’s (Oh Hyun-joong) fall, saying, “From now on, don’t do anything to Jae-won. “Otherwise, I don’t know what I’ll do with this,” he warned, making Kwon Yun-jin angry. Kwon Yun-jin, filled with venom, summoned Seo Jae-won and based on the words of a doctor friend who said that past memories can be a trigger to revive memories, they headed to the middle school they both attended. As soon as they entered the middle school hallway, Seo Jae-won remembered the time when he had harmed himself, and Kwon Yun-jin said, ‘Okay. Jaewon, remember,’ he said, revealing his evil intentions.

In addition, Kwon Yun-jin told Seo Jae-won that his dream had changed, “Seo Jae-won. “I want a study room,” she said, “you have it all. “Everything I didn’t have, everything I wanted, and everything I had,” she said, casting a cool tone. In addition, Kwon Yun-jin recalled the past seven years ago, when she was shocked, saying, “Someday, I want to raise a family that is blessed by everyone.”

Seven years ago, Kwon Yun-jin witnessed her ex-boyfriend, Kim Sang-beom (Heo Hyeong-gyu), coming out of the hotel room she entered with Seo Jae-won, who had lost her mind. She was so shocked that she began bleeding and miscarried the child. Recalling her painful times, Kwon Yun-jin shed tears, and Seo Jae-won, who did not know why, felt sorry for her.

Soon, Kwon Yun-jin smiled and headed to the restaurant with Seo Jae-won, and Heo Soon-young and Yoon Teo, who came running after seeing Seo Jae-won’s photo and address sent by Kwon Yun-jin, gathered together and surprised Seo Jae-won. When Kwon Yun-jin suggested that they eat together, Seo Jae-won laughed, saying it was salty, and Kwon Yun-jin emphasized, “Because I made you come,” making Heo Soon-young and Yoon Teo nervous.

Kwon Yun-jin made the atmosphere awkward by saying that Yoon Teo likes Seo Jae-won, and then provoked Heo Soon-young by saying, “I heard that daughters usually resemble their fathers a lot, but Arin doesn’t seem to resemble her father that much.” In particular, Heo Soon-young said, “Writer Kwon doesn’t know much about Arin because he’s never seen her properly. When she expressed her anger by saying, “Arin looks a lot like me,” Kwon Yun-jin responded with arrogance, saying, “No, but I saw it right.” The tension was amplified by the ‘immediate time bomb ending’ that left Seo Jae-won and Yoon Theo puzzled by the tense war of nerves between the two.

‘My Happy End’, which aired on this day, broke its own highest viewership rating by soaring to 3.0% nationwide and 3.3% per minute, according to Nielsen Korea.

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