“Top 5 medical schools available in Seoul” What are the top-tier scores? Seungje Jeong ‘Admiration'[Teachers]

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/Photo=Channel A 'Teachers'
/Photo=Channel A ‘Teachers’

‘Ask for my grades: Teachers’ of an honor student who is one of the most famous national private high schools ‘extremely top ranked’ Report cards are released. With a report card that truly boasts the dignity of the top 1%, all 3 MCs, Jeon Hyun-moo, Han Hye-jin, and Jang Young-ran, could not keep their mouths shut, saying, “This is my first time seeing something like this.”

Channel A ‘Teachers’ will be broadcast on the 21st. In the 12th episode, the second-year September mock exam report card of a student who maintains a place in the top three at a national private high school where honor students from all over the country gather will be revealed. However, the owner of the report card was not the challenger that day, but the challenger’s older brother, who was one year older. Everyone around her was pressuring the challenger, saying, “Try to do like your older brother,” and the challenger was depressed as she was compared to her older brother, who was a famous “celebrity” in the neighborhood, in everything she did.

In response, MC Jeon Hyun-moo was curious about his brother’s report card, saying, “How great of a friend is he that I admire him like this?”and the report card that finally appeared in front of the MCs was “1st grade in all subjects.”Han Hye-jin was surprised and said, “This is the highest ranking, right?” and Jang Young-ran was busy “building energy,” saying, “Let’s get our kids inspired by this report card, too.”

‘English 1st time’ In the meantime, instructor Jo Jeong-sik activated his “eagle eye,” saying, “You have to look at the percentile, not the grade,” but the percentile was also “perfect.” Instructor Jo Jeong-sik acknowledged, “Since Kook Young-soo is in the top 1.1% combined… this is truly the top 1%,” and further explained, “A score that can get you into the top 5 medical schools in Seoul.”

However, surprisingly, the mother of the challenging student siblings said, “If my brother quits the study cafe for 10 hours, he is actually only there for 5 hours,”and “When he gets stressed from studying, he takes a walk along the river, goes to karaoke, and meets friends.”. In comparison, she testified, about her younger brother, “He sits all the time.”As a result, everyone was curious about the ‘Top 1% study method’ and ‘Teachers’ For the first time, the math study scene of ‘Challenge Student Oppa’ was revealed. MC Jeon Hyun-moo, who witnessed the ‘Top 1% study method’ in person, could not hide his surprise, saying, ‘That was all what teacher Seung-je Jeong said.’

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