‘Vivo CEO’ Song Eun-i, Abolition ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ Change the name and make it? “‘Song Kim Hong-jeon’ I will do it” [MD Review]


[My Daily = Reporter Park Seo-yeon] Broadcaster Song Eun-i, CEO of Media Lab Seesaw and Content Lab Vivo, said ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ I responded to the proposal for production after abolition.

KBS 2TV ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ aired on the 18th In the last episode, a slightly early Chuseok special was depicted.

On this day ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ The members were given the task of listening to holiday nags. Kim Sook had to call Song Eun-i and nag her, saying, “Stop spending money.” But Kim Sook failed to listen to her nagging and she fell into the water.


Afterwards, Song Eun-i and Kim Sook ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ She found out she was being recorded. Song Eun-i said “‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ Thank you for your hard work. “It was one of the few shows I enjoyed watching, so I am very disappointed,” she said.

In response, Kim Sook asked, “Can’t my sister produce it?” Jo Se-ho also suggested, “Can’t Vivo produce it?”

Then Song Eun-i said, “Then I’m sorry about that time, but “Song Kim Dong-jeon” “Can I do it?” he said.

After hearing this, Hong Jin-kyung raised her voice and said, “Sister, you talk too much,”and Song Eun-i said, “Then since Jin-kyung must be there, then I’ll do it as ‘Song Kim Hong-jeon,’”and said, “Woo Jae-gi, a crybaby,””I thought you should stop crying and give me a handkerchief as a gift in the New Year,” he said, making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, the members ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ Each of them gave their final greetings to the viewers.

Wooyoung said, “In the meantime, ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ I am sincerely grateful to the many viewers and fans who watched. Thanks to my older sisters and older brothers, I was just happy because I was able to joke around to my heart’s content. If I get a chance someday, I will say hello to my sisters, brothers, and viewers. Thank you for your support and love so far. “I will work hard at my job and become even more crazy and talented, waiting for you all,” he said.

Joo Woo-jae said, “This moment has come. ‘Hot hello’ While listening to the song recently, ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ I thought about it a lot, but now that it’s time again, I can’t be that cool. I feel very regretful, and although it is a very cliché expression, I feel like I had a very fun and long dream for a year and a half. There are times when I have the same dream again, so I will wait for that time. “Thank you so much,” he said.


Jo Se-ho said, “For the viewers who watched and supported ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’, it was a new experience for a fan cafe to be created during the program. ‘Piggy bank’, ‘Coin purse’ Thank you all, and thank you to the members. “Every week I came to record this program, I was very excited,”he said. “He smiled a lot when he saw me, so I was wondering how I could have a fun day with my members. It’s a shame, but I guess it’s time to put a small end to it.”think. “I definitely think there will come a day where our production crew and members can laugh and record together,” he promised for the next time.

Hong Jin-kyung said, “It’s been a while since I debuted, so I started a lot of programs and disappeared, and this pattern has always been repeated, but strangely enough, the lingering feeling of futility and regret when the program disappeared was so deep and strong in “Hong Kim Dong-jeon”. I think it’s a very strange program. It hasn’t been that long. “It seems like a lot of strong bonds have built up between the members,” he said. “The program is over, but I want to continue our relationship with the members and show you a good side of ourselves.” We hope you remember and support us anytime, anywhere. “Thank you for joining us,” she said.

Finally, it was Kim Sook’s turn, and when Kim Sook burst into tears, the members and production crew all showed the tears they had been holding back. Kim Sook-eun said, “Someone asked.” Why are you guys so close? I couldn’t even think of the reason. After thinking about it for a while, we were able to survive episode by episode, so we had a great sense of respect for each other, and we tried to be careful with the production team to do better because we didn’t know when we would end. We were grateful, yet anxious, and tried to stick together. “It is a program that mixes many emotions,” he said. “They are friends who stayed together during difficult times, like family, so much so that I have three dependable younger brothers and a younger sister, so I think this relationship will last until the end.” It was a program where we became so close that we wondered if our production crew could really be this close, and it was such a happy day. I played really well. Most of all, I feel like I laughed, had fun, and was happy. ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ “Good job,” he said.

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