“What do the upper class who only use pens know?” An eye-catching poster (The Community)

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[News Reporter Park Soo-in]

‘Ideology Verification Zone: The Community’ The main poster and 12 character posters were released.

Wave’s original survival entertainment show ‘Ideology Verification Zone: The Community’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Community’), which will be released for the first time on January 26th, will be released on January 26th. ;, It deals with sensitive topics that have become hot topics in our society, such as ‘immigrants’, and is an ideological survival in which actors with polar opposite values ​​fight to gain power.

The faces of the cast members who take on the challenge of winning the final in the unique premise of ‘The Community’ survival, ‘Who will keep their beliefs even in the face of power?’ immediately capture the viewer’s attention. The background of the characters in various colors and different shapes reveals that 12 people with their own ideologies on politics, gender, class, and openness have gathered together. Additionally, the participants with different facial expressions and perspectives seem to have different dreams of alliance and betrayal, stimulating the imagination as to what will happen when they meet at the community house.

“Do you think the world is easy for you?” , “It’s all bullshit!” “I don’t believe anything” , “What do the upper class who only use pens know?” The powerful phrases of Lee Soo-ryeon, the first female presidential bodyguard, Yun Bi, a rapper who previously appeared in ‘Game of Blood 2′, and Lee Chang-jun, a former member of the anti-terrorism unit, engraved on the black and white figures are impressive. This atmosphere seems to predict that ideologies that cannot easily coexist will become entangled within one community.

‘The Community’ is predicted to be a chaotic situation where 12 people with their own thoughts and beliefs unite or confront each other. Among them, who will take power and survive until the end? “Let’s all live together. Is it truly possible to embrace each other and realize common values, as YouTuber Lee Seung-guk said, “There is a heaven?” (Photo = Provided by Wavve)

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