What is the story behind Kim Seong-joo, Boom, and Eunhyuk shedding tears?…Kim So-yeon, Miss Kim, and Na-young are on the verge of elimination ‘catastrophe’ (Miss Trot 3) [Previous night’s episode]


(Xports News Reporter Soo-rin Noh) Boom and Eunhyuk shed tears while listening to Bok-eun Bok-eun’s song, remembering their father.

On TV Chosun’s ‘Miss Trot 3’, which aired on the 18th, a third round 1:1 death match was held following last week.

Korean traditional music girl Jin Hye-eon’s death match opponent was Tepera Queen Bok-eun.

Jin Hye-eon, who sang Jeon Yeong-rang’s ‘Yakson’, said, “I suffered from childhood cancer when I was 3 years old. She revealed her story by saying, “Thanks to her mother who was by her side every day and took good care of her, she was able to recover quickly.”

He continued, “My mom worked hard as much as I did, and I feel sorry for not being able to do as many things as I wanted to. “It’s a song about my mother, so I want to express my gratitude through this performance.”

As Jin Hye-eon calmly sang a song for her mother, not only the audience but also the master’s seat were filled with tears.


Bok-eun Bok-eun then selected Jang Min-ho’s ‘You Know My Name’ and said, ‘There was a time when I had to give up my dream of music when I was young because my family’s financial situation was difficult. He revealed the reason for selecting the song, saying, “My dad dedicated his all and helped me not to give up on my dreams.”

Bok-eun Bok’s song made Boom sob sob that he couldn’t proceed with the judging. Kim Seong-ju, who saw this, also looked moved and said, “Boom Master cried so much that it broke my heart.”

Eunhyuk also continued to shed tears. Boom said, “Both Eunhyuk and I broke up with his father a few years ago. “I cried because I missed my father who passed away first,” he said.

Original composer Jang Min-ho judged Bok-eun Bok-eun’s song “You Know My Name”by saying, “I’ve heard this song in numerous versions, and she interpreted it well without being overly emotional.”

Jang Yoon-jeong said, “Jin Hye-eon’s performance on stage felt like she had sung with all her strength. She barely held back tears as she thought about how worried she had been for her son not long ago. It was even sadder because she called me calmly. “She is amazing at being able to make others cry without making herself cry,” she praised.

Bok-eun Bok won the match against Jin Hye-eon with a score of 9:4 and succeeded in advancing to the 4th round.


Meanwhile, Bin Ye-seo captured the hearts of the masters with ‘Young Master’ and Ji Na-yu showed off her conflicting charms by singing Yeo Jeong-in’Please Protect This Person’. Attention was paid to the results.

“It’s so difficult because the two contestants have such different charms.” Requests for masters to abstain poured in, asking, “How will you choose?” After a difficult screening, Bin Ye-seo won by one vote and advanced to the next round.

In addition, Nayoung, who took the top spot in the second round on this day, as well as Kim So-yeon and Miss Kim, who had been on a roll, were on the verge of elimination, providing a dramatic turning point.

Photo = TV Chosun broadcast screen

Reporter Soo-rin Noh srnnoh@xportsnews.com

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