Why do fans ‘oppose the abolition’ I know you did it [‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ End]


(Reporter Jo Hye-jin, Xports News) From the defense of abolition to the Chuseok special in January. ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ proved why fans loved this program with a pleasant ending like Hong Kim Dong-jeon.

KBS 2TV’s ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’, an old-style variety show about blood, sweat and tears in which Hong Jin-kyung, Kim Sook, Jo Se-ho, Joo Woo-jae and Woo-young change their fates with a coin, ended after airing 70 episodes on the 18th.

The last broadcast of ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ on this day was decorated with a ‘slightly early Chuseok special’. This is to alleviate the disappointment of programs that have been decided to be abolished not being able to meet viewers during Chuseok. At the end of the broadcast, the members greeted each other one by one, announcing the abolition, which was as early as the Chuseok special.

Wooyoung and Joo Woo-jae talked about the emotions they felt while doing the program and promised what would happen next. Jo Se-ho said, “It was a new experience to have a fan cafe while programming,” and mentioned the piggy bank and coin purse that supported him until the last recording day.

Hong Jin-kyung said, “Strangely enough, the lingering feeling of futility and disappointment when the program disappears is very deep and deep,” and added, “The program is over, but our members will continue their relationship and show a good side to you all.” “I want to give it to you,” he said.

The ‘eldest’ of the program. Kim Sook, who played the role, had tears in her eyes. Kim Sook said that she could not think of a reason for “(each other) why we were so close””We had a lot of respect for each other as we survived each episode, and we tried to be careful to do better because we didn’t know when the production team would end.”; truly brought not only the members but also the production crew to tears. Then they concluded by shouting to each other, “Well done.”


‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ was a program with many twists and turns until its abolition. The broadcast, which first aired in July 2022, did not elicit a great response in terms of viewership ratings, hovering around 1 or 2%. However, as the members’ comfortable chemistry spread through word of mouth, it was evaluated as a good entertainment show that was not provocative.

As a result, it was especially loved by young people, ranked first among non-drama waves on the OTT platform, and was frequently mentioned in online communities, showing high online buzz. With the support of the 2040 generation, a fandom was formed, which is unusual for an entertainment program, and it was so loved that many fan clubs were created.

However, low viewership ratings continued to hinder the show. Even when it was on air, rumors of its abolition often arose, and the abolition was finally confirmed in December of last year. As it was a program that received strong support, fans poured out petitions opposing its abolition to the KBS viewer center, saying that evaluating a program based solely on viewership ratings was an outdated idea, and even staged a truck protest in front of KBS in Yeouido.

In the end, it was unable to prevent the abolition, but KBS responded to the petition posted on the viewer petition bulletin board and explained the reason. KBS said, “We have tried various formats every week with a plan that focuses on laughter, breaking away from the trend of entertainment formats that focus solely on observation and romantic reality, and have received high praise both at home and abroad for our experimental challenges. As a result, he said, “Hong Kim Dong-jeon” secured a passionate viewer base, but “unfortunately, it had difficulty creating a wide viewer base.”

Since April last year, internally ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ After reviewing the end of the show, he announced that he had decided to abolish the show despite efforts to expand the viewership base for about 9 months, saying, “We comprehensively judged various factors, including not only viewership ratings, but also the corporation’s financial situation, which has become difficult due to separate collection of license fees.””Results,” he explained.


Due to the viewership ratings, ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ often mentions the program’s existential crisis and ‘Funny’ I created a situation. Even after the abolition was decided, ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ Members mentioned this. Hong Jin-kyung’s wish for the new year was, “Like a miracle, Hong Kim-dong-jeon’s contract will be renewed,”and Hong Jin-kyung expressed regret, saying, “It was too obscene”to dissuade her from saying, “Let’s not do this.”The way he did it made me laugh.

Also, in the week before the end of the show, a game was played to prevent paper ‘wastepaper’ from piling up in each given box, ‘Prevent Waste Paper’ As the game progressed, even the ‘abolition’ was sublimated into laughter. The final episode also alleviated the disappointment with the ingenuity of holding a Chuseok special in advance in January.

‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ captured laughter and emotion even after its abolition was confirmed, allowing viewers to understand why they tried to protect the program with affection. In this way, ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ delivered the final gift to viewers in a cheerful and touching way until the end.

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Reporter Jo Hye-jin jinhyejo@xportsnews.com

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