“Why is he so ugly?” 14th Oksun, ‘Nasol’ Afterwards, “I lost weight after being cursed” Confession [Nasol Sagye]


[My Daily = Reporter Park Seo-yeon] Oksun, the 14th member of ‘I’m SOLO’, participated in a revenge match in ‘Nasol Four Seasons’.

In SBS Plus and ENA’s ‘I Am SOLO, Afterwards Love Continues’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Nasol Four Seasons’), which aired on the 18th, the love triangle surrounding Oksun of the 14th class was revealed. 

Previously, on the first night at ‘Solo B&B’, the four men from ‘Jjak’ went on a ‘late night date’ with the theme ‘Oksun, let’s go for a night drink!’ On this day, the 14th class Ok-soon quickly emerges as a ‘popular girl’ after being chosen by two men. When the comment “I think I’ve lost weight compared to my past ‘I’m SOLO’”comes up during ‘2-on-1 Night Drinking Date’, she gives an unexpected self-destructive response. presented.

Oksoon, a member of the 14th class, said, “I lost weight (compared to that time). (When she was in the 14th class) If you watch the broadcast, she looks even uglier. “She was criticized because the reaction was, ‘Why is she so ugly?’” she said. 

At the same time, when the hot topic of ‘Team Oksun’ was mentioned, the 14th member Oksoon said, “I said ‘Team Oksoon’ as a toast to liven up the atmosphere (of the ‘3 to 1′ date), but after that, (its popularity) plummeted. “It all disappeared like a mirage in one day,” she said. 

Accordingly, the two men from ‘Jjak’ once again proposed a ‘Team Oksun’ toast to encourage the 14th Oksun.

As a warm atmosphere was formed that was clearly different from the 14th class, Oksun of the 14th class said, “Up until I appeared on ‘I am SOLO,’ I was swept up in the absurd fatalism and worked too hard. Because she didn’t want to lose out (her crush), she seemed to have been too greedy, which had the wrong result. So she relaxed a little this time,” she said, revealing her ‘romance-oriented character’ side and receiving applause from 3 MCs Defconn, Jo Hyun-ah, and Kyung-ri. 

[Photo = SBS Plus, ENA ‘Nasol Four Seasons’]

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