‘Assassination’ Kim In-woo, “3rd generation Korean-Japanese, discriminated against in Japan due to nationality” (Scoop World) [Critical scene]

MBN ‘Scoop World’ capture
MBN ‘Scoop World’ capture
MBN ‘Scoop World’ capture
MBN ‘Scoop World’ capture

[News Reporter Seo Yuna]

Actor Kim In-woo, who became known through the movie ‘Assassination’, spoke about discrimination he suffered in the past.

MBN’s close documentary ‘Scoop World’ aired on January 18th. In episode 618, actor Kim In-woo confessed to the discrimination he faced in Japan.

Movies ‘Assassination’, ‘Dong-ju’, ‘Park Yeol’ Actor Kim In-woo, who made a mark on the public by appearing in the drama, was a third-generation Korean resident in Japan. “My grandparents on my mother’s side were forcibly conscripted and taken as coal mine workers during the Japanese colonial rule, and my father and mother were both born in Japan,” he said.

Kim In-woo, whose mother died of illness at the age of 11 and whose father left home the following year, was raised by his maternal grandfather until he was 14. Learning Korean history from his maternal grandfather, he confessed, “I became proud of Korea.”

However, the life of Koreans in Japan was not easy. Kim In-woo, who had to earn money through jobs such as delivering newspapers and cleaning pachinko after his maternal grandfather passed away when he was 14, said, “If I revealed my nationality as Korean, it would be a bombshell statement.”There were restrictions on working part-time, let alone working at a company. “Once people found out about my nationality, I got rejected a lot,” he confessed, arousing regret.

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