Kim In-woo, prays to his dead brother’s memorial tablet every day, “He died from malnutrition” (Scoop World) [Critical Scene]

MBN ‘Scoop World’ capture
MBN ‘Scoop World’ capture
MBN ‘Scoop World’ capture
MBN ‘Scoop World’ capture

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Actor Kim In-woo shared a sad story about his family.

MBN’s close documentary ‘Scoop World’ aired on January 18th. In episode 618, actor Kim In-woo’s turbulent life story was revealed.

On this day, Kim In-woo revealed his neatly organized Korean home, and the memorial tablet placed behind the closet in the dressing room particularly attracted attention. Kim In-woo introduced the memorial tablet, which is unfamiliar to Koreans, by saying, “On this side is my mother, and on the other side is my older brother.” It may be unfamiliar, but the name was written in Korean on the memorial tablet.

Kim In-woo said, “My older brother died from malnutrition when he was young. It was a bit difficult at the time. He passed away when he was a baby. When he was young. People in the past were like that. “It’s because it’s hard to make a living and I can’t produce milk,” he said, confessing his unique story.

He continued, “I was born as a third-generation Korean in Japan. My maternal grandparents were forcibly conscripted and taken as coal mine workers during the Japanese colonial period. My father and mother were born there, and when I was just 11 years old, my mother passed away from illness after suffering. The next year, my father left home. “My maternal grandfather raised me until I was 14, and I learned a lot about history,” he said, causing sadness as he confessed about his separation from his parents.

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