‘Complaint of adultery’ Kang Kyung-jun, appointed lawyer… Should we break our silence and come to the surface? [Ex’s Issue]


(Xports News Reporter Myung Hee-sook) While it is known that actor Kang Kyung-jun has appointed a lawyer, attention is focused on whether he will break his silence and appear in front of the public.

On the 19th, the Sunday Newspaper reported that Kang Kyung-jun had already appointed a lawyer, and that even after appointing a lawyer, he did not submit a notice to the court.

As a result of not issuing a notice of appointment, emphasis is being placed on the possibility of attempting an agreement with the plaintiff rather than appointing a lawyer to prepare for trial. The plaintiff’s lawyer said that he indicated that there were discussions regarding this with Kang Kyung-jun’s side.

In addition, Jang Shin-young also revealed that she does not appear to be preparing for a divorce lawsuit or a lawsuit for alimony for an adulterous woman, adding that she is making efforts to quickly resolve the lawsuit for alimony for an adulterous woman.

On the 3rd, it was revealed that Kang Kyung-joon was accused of adultery. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit claiming damages worth 50 million won, claiming that Kang Kyung-jun intervened as an incestuous man and caused the breakdown of his family. The other woman, Ms. A, is known to have worked with Kang Kyeong-jun at a sales agency.


Kang Kyung-jun initially expressed his position as a “misunderstanding”in relation to Sanggangnam’s accusation, but after the messages he shared with the other woman, Mr. A, were revealed to the media, he no longer revealed his position. At the time, the agency also quickly drew a line by saying, “We have stopped discussing extension of the exclusive contract with Kang Kyung-jun,”and Kang Kyung-jun has closed down his SNS and is maintaining silence by not communicating any more.

Even the day before the news of the accusation against an incestuous man became known, he was very active, appearing with his son on KBS’ ‘The Return of Superman’, so his sudden silence is drawing even more criticism. In addition, in a situation where various fake news are flooding in, attention is focused on whether Kang Kyung-jun, who has moved to resolve the situation, will come forward to the public and provide an active explanation.

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Reporter Myung Hee-sook aud666@xportsnews.com

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