Crazy sensibility “Rise’s ‘Love 119’, I love the first generation idol sensibility.” (Cheolpaem)

Producer Mad Gamseong appeared on ‘Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM’

iMBC entertainment news photo
iMBC entertainment news photo

In the SBS Power FM ‘Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM’ broadcast on the 19th (Friday), producer Mad Sensitivity ‘K-razy review’ Rise’s new song was introduced in the corner.

On this day, DJ Kim Young-cheol introduced a listener’s question, “Crazy Sensitivity, are there any condescending people around you?”and Crazy Sensitivity responded, “There is.”That’s me. I always told my wife, “I tell you good things about you and the good things you’ve done on my YouTube channel. So give me pocket money’ It is said. “My wife didn’t react at all,” he said, drawing laughter.

Crazy Sensitivity then said, “Still, I want to let you know.” When he said, “This is how I think of you,”Kim Yeong-cheol responded, “They say not to let your right hand know what your left hand did, but my life motto is to make sure your right fourth toe knows, too,”and made everyone laugh again.

Crazy Sensitivity said, “This is the 110th week of learning K-pop.” Cheolupdi asked, “Do you know about SM’s new boy group Rise?” and Kim Young-cheol responded, “I know. “First of all, isn’t it the group that Yoon Sang’s son is in?” he replied, and Crazy Sensitivity said, “I actually didn’t know much about it until the beginning of this week, but on my way home from work, the song Rise happened to pop up through the algorithm, and I was completely hooked, so it became the song I listened to the most this week. “It is done,” he said.

“Today, we will find out what kind of song Rise’s new song “Love 119″ is and what kind of singer Rise is,” he said. Crazy Sensitivity first said, “Rise will be released on September 4, 2023.” He is a rookie who debuted and is currently active as a 6-member multinational boy group. It is said that it has the meaning of a team that grows together and realizes dreams. Rise is setting great records right after its debut. Just one week after their debut, their first single, ‘Get A Guitar’, sold 1.01 million copies in the first week, becoming a super-fast million-seller. “Inbyeolgram also surpassed 1 million followers just 4 days after opening, and this is said to be the fastest record for a K-pop group.”

Crazy Sensitivity said, “This new song, ‘Love 119′, was released on January 5th and is currently in the top 10 on the music charts and is loved by the public. “I was shocked because I liked this song so much,” he said.

In response, Kim Young-cheol said, “It’s like sophisticated pop.” According to the article, 78.87 million K-pop albums were sold in 8 months in 2023. They say that this is an increase of 25 million units compared to the previous year. When I said, “K-pop popularity seems to be huge,” the crazy emotion was, “It’s crazy.” According to the 2023 annual report, there are as many as seven K-pop albums among the top 10 best-selling albums in the United States over the past year. “Stray Kids’ album ranked 2nd and 4th overall, Tomorrow by Together ranked 3rd, New Jeans ranked 5th, Twice ranked 6th, and Seventeen and Jungkook ranked 7th and 10th, respectively.”

Regarding the crazy point of Rise’s ‘Love 119,”s crazy sensibility, he said,”It is a K-pop idol group that even our generation will like,”It is not easy to know and truly like a popular teen idol song these days unless it is the number one song on the annual chart that year, like #39;. I also make music as a career, but I didn’t know much about Rise’s songs, but when I listened to ‘Love 119′, I heard the old H.O.T. or Sechs Kies sensibility, so I really liked it,’ he explained.

Crazy Sensitivity then said, “We sampled Eazy’s “Emergency Room,”which is the OST from the drama “Sassy Girl Chunhyang,”and everyone has sung it 100 times at karaoke, and changed it to give Rise’s unique feel.”Kim Young-cheol said, “It feels like a first-generation idol song, but it also feels like a modern-day song.””Why do I feel this way?” he asked, and Crazy Sensitivity responded, “It’s because 808 bass, which is most often used in K-pop to give it a trendy feel, is included. He replied, “You can consider Jennie’s ‘solo’ as the original.”

Crazy Sensitivity said, “The reason Rise was able to do well with the public is that, like New Jeans’ “Dito,” the generation in the 70s and 80s feels the nostalgia they heard from first-generation idol music, and those born after 2000 do not experience it. I think this is because the music of the first generation idols, which was not popular, sounded new and worked well. “I hope to make another milestone in K-pop history in the future,” he added.

‘Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM’ is broadcast every day from 7 am to 9 am on SBS Power FM, and can also be listened to through the PC and smartphone application ‘SBS Gorilla’.

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