“I’m in a bad condition~” Im Siwan, ‘SNL Korea’ Host confirmed for first episode of new season [Official]


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Yi-jeong] Coupang Play ‘SNL Korea’ returns with a new season. The first host of ‘SNL Korea’ Season 5 is Im Si-wan, a popular actor who made the entire nation laugh and cry as ‘Boys’ Generation’s’ ‘Jang Byeong-tae’.

Coupang Play’s comedy show ‘SNL Korea’, which has led the trend with unstoppable satire and unstoppable parody and has repeatedly ranked first in topicality in the OTT show category every season, has been at the center of the topic every episode with the comical performances of super-special hosts, and was recently voted ‘2024 Korea’. It also won the OTT entertainment category program award at the ‘First Brand Awards’.

In particular, last season’s young crew members such as Kim A-young and Yoon Ga-i’s delicious Seoul dialect acting and Ji Ye-eun’s ‘Lantern Girlfriend’ character were greatly loved by the MZ generation, producing various memes and parodies. Season 5 of ‘SNL Korea’ plans to return with more powerful catharsis and laughter than before.

Actor Im Si-wan, who shows irreplaceable acting skills with various character transformations in each work he appears in, will be responsible for the first episode of Season 5. ‘Boys’ Generation’ was selected as the best box office hit of 2023, with a 2,914% vertical increase in viewership, No. 1 in Coupang Play’s most popular dramas for 7 consecutive weeks, Naver’s ‘Most Wanted Drama’, and Kino Lights’ Popular Works ranking. Im Si-wan, who captured the nation’s hearts by portraying ‘Jang Byeong-tae’, an Onyang loser who became Buyeo’s best overnight, with his friendly charm, plans to generously pour out not only the native Chungcheong dialect he learned while studying abroad, but also the sly comic potential he showed through ‘Boys’ Generation’..

Im Siwan said, “It is a great honor to be invited to host the first episode of the new season of ‘SNL Korea.’ I received so much love as ‘Jang Byeong-tae’ from ‘Boys’ Generation’ that the character of my life was born. “Through season 5 of ‘SNL Korea,’ I will show off all of my comedic instincts that I showed in ‘Boys’ Generation’ on stage,” he said.

The release date of the first episode of ‘SNL Korea’ Season 5 will be announced soon.


[Photo] Coupang Play

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