“Dozens of detergents and deodorants from each country FLEX” Brian Pyo’s way to remember his trip (maybe he’ll go again) [Critical scene]

Photo = Channel S ‘I might go again’
Photo = Channel S ‘I might go again’
Photo = Channel S ‘I might go again’
Photo = Channel S ‘I might go again’

[News Reporter Seulgi Lee]

Brian shared his own travel souvenirs.

In Channel S’s ‘Again Map’, which aired on January 18, Brian appeared as an online travel companion along with his travel partners Kim Shin-young, Lee Seok-hoon, and Choi Tae-seong.

On this day, Kim Shin-young welcomed Brian and said, “Quotes are a hot topic these days.” If it’s dirty, it’s not cheap. “Out of the three here, I chose Choi Tae-seong in the pre-interview,” he said.

Then Choi Tae-seong said, “That’s right. “It’s too dirty,” he admitted. Kim Shin-young formed a consensus with Brian by revealing that she organizes books according to the order.

Also, while looking at travel destinations, Kim Shin-young said to Brian, “I’m going on a trip.” Then she said she was buying dozens of them, “she asked.

Brian said, “When I go to that country, I buy laundry detergent and deodorant. There is a scent that only comes from that country. It feels like a limited edition product that is hard to find in Korea. “It also helps us remember the country,” he explained.

Meanwhile, ‘Might I Go Again’ is an online world travel program that makes your overseas travel in your nostalgic memories a reality.

(Photo = Channel S ‘I might go again’)

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