Go Min-hwan “Lee Hye-jeong would be devastated to divorce a great husband like me” Causes anger (decision to divorce)


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Yi-jeong] Go Min-hwan of MBN’s ‘Decision to Divorce at least Once’ shows a powerful appearance, saying, “(After the virtual divorce) my wife will be disappointed and despairing,”causing Lee Hye-jeong’s anger.

In episode 2 of MBN’s ‘Decision to Divorce at least once’, which airs at 9:30 pm on the 21st, the real daily lives of Lee Hye-jung and Ko Min-hwan, who agreed to a virtual divorce, are revealed, along with their inner thoughts.

Go Min-hwan, who previously accepted Lee Hye-jung’s virtual divorce proposal and left home, heads to his hospital that day. Afterwards, Go Min-hwan changed into hospital scrubs instead of pajamas, washed his socks, and went to sleep on a makeshift bed in the employee lounge. Lee Hye-jeong, who was watching this in her studio, sighed and said, “I went out of the house and slept like that.”

However, in an interview with the production crew the next day, Go Min-hwan confidently said, “After the divorce, my wife will probably be more disappointed and despairing (than I will be),” and “My wife will be sad because I broke up with a great husband like me.” Lee Hye-jeong, who saw this, showed an absurd expression and burst out in ‘gradient anger’, saying, “You’re really mean.”

After a while, Go Min-hwan was seeing the doctor as usual, and when it was lunch time, he ‘cleaned the refrigerator’ and prepared a quick lunch. In the meantime, Lee Hye-jeong prepared lunch boxes for her nine children, but after her divorce, when her wife did not have lunch boxes, he cooked toast in the microwave using an ‘unidentified’ recipe (?). In the end, he shocked the studio cast by pairing(?) kimchi soup with toast.

MC Kim Yong-man shakes his head and says, “I don’t think they would have eaten like that even during the Korean War,” and Jeong Dae-se even declares that he “refuses to watch.” Nevertheless, Go Min-hwan activates a positive circuit (?), saying, “I’m usually good at eating anything,” and “I don’t really have an attachment to my wife’s food.” After the virtual divorce, attention is focused on the ‘polar’ daily life and inner thoughts of the couple, Lee Hye-jung and Ko Min-hwan.

Meanwhile, the first episode of MBN’s ‘Decision to Divorce at least Once’, which attracted attention as an unprecedented virtual divorce reality in broadcasting history, recorded an average viewer rating of 4.2% (based on the second part of paid broadcast households) according to Nielsen Korea, and the highest viewer rating per minute was 5.3. % was recorded.


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