ITZY Ryujin “I also have a hard time with my repetitive daily life'(‘Dingo’)


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Bo-ra] Girl group ITZY’s Ryujin met a fan who was an aspiring actor.

On the afternoon of the 19th, digital media channel Dingo posted a video with Ryujin titled ‘Good job today, 2024’ through Dingo Story’s official YouTube channel. Episode 29 has been released.

‘Good job today too’ is Dingo’s killer content produced since 2016. It is a reality program in which a star who has achieved his dream visits the daily lives of youth running toward their dream and delivers support and hope.

In this video, Ryu Jin met Ahn Ye-ji, an aspiring actress and her biggest fan, who is learning acting after taking a leave of absence from her university’s Department of Practical Dance. ITZY’s ‘CAKE’ Ryujin, who made a surprise appearance in front of Yeji, who was filming the dance challenge, hugged the surprised girl and said brightly, “Let’s play with me today.”

Ryujin said, “I was worried about what to do. “I was really nervous too,” he said, trying to ease Yeji’s nerves. She went on to say, “We’re only one year older than her, but she doesn’t even talk to me,”and showed off her sweet and caring side like her real sister, making the hearts of those who watched her “float.”

Yeji said, “I’ve been dancing since I was 6 years old, and I thought dancing would be the only thing in my life. “But it wasn’t,” he said, revealing the reason why he changed his desired career path to becoming an actor. Ryujin, who was listening to Yeji’s story, sympathized and warmly encouraged her, saying, “It wouldn’t have been easy, but it’s amazing.”

When Yeji said, “Last year was difficult because I only went to the practice room and academy,” Ryujin said, “There were times when I also had a hard time with the repetitive routine. At times like that, I saw people who were really good at it. “I always tried to leave behind a spark that made me want to dance like that,” she said, giving sincere advice from experience. Also, “I’m working hard enough, so I don’t want you to be too strict.” “I hope people will cherish and cherish me,” he said, supporting his dream.

The two put their heads together and created a bucket list of what they wanted to achieve in the future. Ryujin, who wrote various goals, including watching a movie in which Yeji appeared, encouraged Yeji by saying, “I hope we can achieve it all.”

Lastly, Ryujin added to the emotion by delivering a surprise gift, a scarf, prepared for Yeji, saying, “I chose it together with the members.” She did not stop there and took a commemorative photo with Yeji, and gave Yeji a warm hug and patted her back until the end, giving her special memories that she would never forget in her lifetime.


[Photo] ‘Good job, today is 2024’ video capture

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