Killed girlfriend because she asked to borrow money… I even tried cremating the body and was sentenced to 17 years in prison (‘Brave Detectives 3’)


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Yi-jeong] The shameless actions of criminals in ‘Brave Detectives 3′ aroused anger.

In the 22nd episode of T-Cast E Channel’s ‘Brave Detectives 3’ (directed by Ji-seon Lee), which aired on the 19th, Detective Lee Jun-sang, former head of the investigation department at Uljin Police Station, and Sergeant Jeong Pil-seong of the Yongin Eastern Police Station’s investigation department appeared and opened the investigation log.

The first incident began when the mother and her daughter’s boyfriend reported to the police that they could not contact their daughter. The alibi of her boyfriend, who was the last person to see the woman, was checked, but there were no suspicious circumstances. One day, about a month after she was presumed missing, the woman’s cell phone, which had been turned off, suddenly turned on.

While searching the area where the cell phone was turned on, the woman’s vehicle was found. However, the vehicle had already become a playground for children. Since the investigative team put her boyfriend on the list of suspects, the family she lived with was closely identified. As a result, fine blood stains were found on the tiles on the bathroom floor. The pipes were as clean as new. Afterwards, the vehicle was identified and a luminol reaction was found in the trunk. It was the victim’s blood.

After reporting to the police, the detective pressured the boyfriend about the possibility of abandoning the body and made him admit to the crime. That the fight started because her girlfriend asked her to borrow money, leading to her death. He attempted to cremate a body in an abandoned factory. The autopsy revealed that the assailant wrapped his head with his clothes and plastic to stop the flowing blood, and it was presumed that the victim died of suffocation in this process. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

The incident that followed began with an urgent report that “a man has been kidnapped” at a rest area in broad daylight. The dispatched detectives chased the kidnapped vehicle for 30 minutes and stopped the car, but the clothes of the three kidnappers were covered in blood. The victim, Mr. Kang, was already dead. One of the kidnappers pushed Kang into the car and stabbed him in the thigh, which resulted in excessive bleeding.

Mr. Kang was a man in his 40s, and the kidnappers were in their mid-20s. The two kidnappers pointed out one person as the ‘main culprit’ and said that it was he who stabbed Mr. Kang. In a situation where there was no contact between the main culprit and Mr. Kang, the detective thought that he may have been instigated and actually found a Daepo phone in the car. The person who spoke to the main offender on the phone right before the crime was Hong, a woman in her 40s, who was Kang’s ex-wife. Mr. Kang and Mr. Hong were in a common-law marriage.

The main culprit believed that Mr. Hong had been subjected to violence by Mr. Kang, but upon learning that this was not the case, he revealed how he had plotted the crime with Mr. Hong. Mr. Kang was a performing artist who studied abroad. Mr. Hong is a pianist, and he hid his past marriage and even his children. Although Mr. Kang knew this, he decided to go with it, but after the wedding, Mr. Hong took a large amount of money from Mr. Kang and even committed an affair.

The document notarized between Hong and Kang contained information about Hong’s affair, lies, and extramarital affairs. Mr. Hong was supposed to pay Mr. Kang 700,000 won per month as alimony for 100 months. When the evidence came out, Mr. Hong said that he had only asked the main culprit to take money from him, not to kill him. As the murder teacher used a Chinese messenger service that could not be restored, the contract killing could not be proven. Mr. Hong was found guilty of robbery and causing death and was sentenced to 13 years in prison, the main offender was sentenced to 25 years, and his accomplices were sentenced to 13 years and 10 years respectively.

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