Park Yu-chun and Choi Jong-hoon, older brothers who went into society… Disappointing behavior is ‘still’ [Ex’s issue]


(Xports News Reporter Myung Hee-sook) Singers Park Yu-chun and Choi Jong-hoon, who once worked as idols and were loved by many fans, once again drew criticism for their disappointing moves.

Recently, Choi Jong-Hoon’s fandom community was entered under the name ‘HUNIYA’ on Japan’s largest fan community platform, Fanicon.

Choi Jong-hoon also said through the community, “Greetings to you after about 5 years. He was able to show his healthy self by receiving strength from the messages of each and every one of you. He said, “Thank you very much,” and said, “I look forward to communicating a lot with you through ‘HUNIYA.’”

He continued, “We will work hard to create a bright future with you all, so please continue to support us as supporters. “Please take good care of me,” he said, announcing the resumption of activities.

In particular, the platform is criticized for making money through overseas fans, as it requires a monthly subscription fee of 500 yen (about 5,000 won).


Choi Jong-hoon, from FT Island, was tried in January and March 2016 on charges of gang rape and illegal filming of women along with Jung Joon-young, former Burning Sun MD Kim, office worker Kwon, and former entertainment agency employee Heo. He was imprisoned in May 2019 on charges of violating the Act on the Punishment of Violent Crimes (special rape) and served 2 years and 6 months in prison before being released at the end of his term in November 2021.

Singer and actor Park Yoo-chun, who previously made a name for himself in society due to his drug use, also drew criticism when he announced that he would hold a Japanese fan meeting and dinner show to commemorate his 20th anniversary of his debut in Japan.

The fan meeting will be held twice a day for a total of four times, and the price is 23,000 yen (about 210,000 won in Korean currency). The price of the dinner show held twice was 50,000 yen (about 460,000 won).

Although Park Yoo-chun was kicked out of the entertainment industry due to drug use, he has recently been brought back to the social scene due to non-payment of taxes. Nevertheless, the sight of her making money from her overseas fans by holding high-paying fan meetings overseas raised eyebrows.

Choi Jong-hoon and Park Yoo-chun each announced that they would retire from the entertainment industry during the controversy or actually took steps to retire. In particular, life in the entertainment industry seemed difficult due to his criminal record, but he continued to be disappointed by his fans by returning to play overseas rather than domestically.

Photo = Xports News DB, Fanicon

Reporter Myung Hee-sook

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