Jang Young-ran, freaked out by Kim Seung-jin’s exposed cocaine dance, “Take him out right away” (Class A Jang Young-ran)


(Xports News Reporter Myung Hee-sook) Broadcaster Jang Young-ran showed strong disapproval of Kim Seung-jin’s cocaine dance, drawing laughter.

On Jang Young-ran’s YouTube channel ‘A-Class Jang Young-ran’, which was released on the 17th, a video titled ‘Jang Young-ran’s method of recruiting employees who faint from laughter (interview tips, audition)’ was posted..

On this day, Jang Young-ran said, “Let’s take a look at the new employees,” and team members Kim Seung-jin, Kim Dong-ha, Seo Tae-hoon, and foreigner Chambo were together. Chambo, who is also a famous TikToker, said, “Monthly Jang Young-ran”I’ve seen it. “Why don’t you keep asking me to cut down?” he said, “when I speak Korean, I look like a baby, and when I speak English, I look manly.”


Next, Seungjin Kim was interviewed, and he gave a cocaine dance as his personal talent. Seeing this, Jang Young-ran said, “Take him out.” There is no washboard either. “I had a hard time climbing up, but they’re dragging me down,” he said in disgust.

Kim Dong-ha said, “I come from the streets. Everyone is a foreigner through public recruitment, but I come from the streets. “I worked as a reporter for 5 years,” he said, and Jang Young-ran sympathized. He said, “My goal is to make Jang Young-ran an A grade,” and Jang Young-ran was very satisfied.

Photo = YouTube ‘A-Class Jang Young-ran’

Reporter Myung Hee-sook aud666@xportsnews.com

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