Jennie sending her long-time boyfriend to the military, ‘surprise capture’ Real-time video hot topic [X’s issue]


(Xports News Reporter Kim Yena) Group Blackpink Jennie is garnering attention after being spotted at singer Woods’ (Cho Seung-yeon’s) concert ahead of her military enlistment.

Woods held his world tour ‘OO-LI’ at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 19th. He held a finale concert, and as the last performance before enlisting in the military, he worked with fans to soothe their regrets about his military service.


The performances on this day were ‘Will it be Harm’, ‘Without You’, ‘Drowning’, ‘AMNESIA ‘, ‘Blue’, ‘Journey’ As well as representative hit songs such as ‘Us’ About two and a half hours were filled with a rich set list, including the unreleased new song ‘Bright Light Flicker’ prepared for the finale performance.

Here, a unique event with fans has been prepared, a ‘singing-along event’ with fans. In addition, a ‘choreography event’ was held to add unique fun.

The way the choreography is performed with the dancers and the fans follow along. In the process of naming a fan that stood out to her, Woods called out GOT7’s Yugyeom, and Yugyeom immediately showed off his extraordinary dancing skills and imitated it perfectly, heightening the atmosphere of the scene.


Yugyeom’s dancing attracted so much attention that it became a hot topic in real time. At this time, Jenny sitting in front of Yugyeom was captured and attracted attention. In the video that spread online, Jenny is seen smiling brightly and enjoying the concert.

Jenny wore uniquely designed sunglasses and a beanie, and caught the eye with her hip, casual styling and her melting into the scene.

Jenny also appeared immersed in the concert by singing along to Woods’ song. He was captured standing up, raising his hands high, shaking his body, and concentrating on the performance, attracting the attention of fans.

Netizens commented, “Jennie looks so excited.” “Jenny is so cute””I support Jenny Woods friendship””Jenny Woods concert looks fun”There are reactions such as:


Jenny and Woods are famous for being close friends in the entertainment industry. Last year, Jenny also attracted attention by visiting Woods’ concert despite her busy schedule due to her world tour, leaving a photo and conveying her support.

Moreover, this concert will have special meaning as it is Woods’ last concert before enlisting in the military. Jenny’s loyal side, as she visits the concert to support her friend’s new chapter and shines with her presence, is touching.

Photo = Xports News DB

Reporter Yena Kim

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