Jong-seo Kim “I don’t want to sing the song that New Jeans remade” (a song that catches my ear)

Photo = ENA, provided by A2Z Entertainment
Photo = ENA, provided by A2Z Entertainment
Photo = ENA, provided by A2Z Entertainment
Photo = ENA, provided by A2Z Entertainment

[News Reporter Lee Min-ji]

Kim Jong-seo expressed his gratitude to the group New Jeans and Girls’ Generation Taeyeon.

Kim Jong-seo will appear on ENA’s music entertainment show ‘A Song That Hits My Ear’, which will be broadcast at 6:30 pm on January 20th, and reveal his ‘Song Song’ and the story surrounding it. On this day, the ‘Thing Chin’, led by Kim Jong-seo, will include ‘Thing Jang’ Eunhyuk, Hong Kyung-min, Gong Min-zy, Lim Do-hwa (AOA), Inseong (SF9), Kim Ki-tae, Shin Se-hwi, Yurisa, and Won Hoon.

Kim Jong-seo, the ‘legend of the rock world’, smiled at Boom’s question about his current status, saying, “I heard you are having a warm winter thanks to New Genes” before introducing ‘Ding Song’. He is happy, saying, “Thanks to New Jeans’ remake of ‘Beautiful Restraint,’ young people these days know my song.” He continued, “When New Jeans friends sang that song, it felt so beautiful and clean. “Even though it’s my song, I don’t want to sing it anymore,” he confessed to the unexpected aftereffects(?), making everyone burst into laughter.

After a while, he immediately performs ‘Ditto’, expressing his gratitude to New Jeans. Boom, who watched this, continued to be impressed, saying, “I think New Jeans will come out and ask for another battle when they see this video.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-seo, while summoning a ‘pop song’, pointed out Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation, saying, “There was an idol group I had my eyes on in the past.” As to why Kim Jong-seo mentioned Taeyeon and thanked her, a lot of attention is focused on the relationship between the two and Kim Jong-seo’s ‘Ding Song’ performance.

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