‘Kang Kyeong-jun guilt by association’ Jang Shin-young + Pity poured out for son [Comprehensive]

Following the news of actor Kang Kyung-jun’s accusation of adultery, side stories are being revealed about his personal life. The person involved has kept quiet, and the family is in a panic.

iMBC entertainment news photo
iMBC entertainment news photo

On the 9th, public attention was focused on the fate of Jang Shin-young and his son. This is the aftermath of the revelations of Lee Jin-ho, a YouTuber who mainly deals with entertainment content, the previous day.

On this day, Jin-ho Lee revealed the details of Jang Shin-young’s current state of mind after the suspicion of Kang Kyung-jun’s affair broke out. He said, “I think Jang Shin-young was very shocked by this incident. She said, “Jang Shin-young became emotional and shed tears,”and “As recently as early December last year, Jang Shin-young even released a video of a trip to Jeju Island that Kang Kyung-jun and her second son took together, and it has not yet been made private.”She claimed, “It means that her husband Kang Kyung-jun’s love and faith are strong.”

Also, “Jang Shin-young is naturally soft and gentle. I remember her trying to survive somehow, raising her child, even after her divorce from her first husband. “She gave it all away so she looked like an idiot,” she added.

Kang Kyung-jun was recently embroiled in suspicions of having an affair with a married woman, Mr. A. Her husband, Mr. B, filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for 50 million won in damages, pointing out that Kang Kyung-jun was an adulterous man who had committed an affair with his wife. At the time, Kang Kyung-jun consistently took a high-handed attitude toward reporters who asked about the truth for the sake of reporting.

The agency, K-Star Global ENT, was also angry that Kang Kyeong-jun’s real name was revealed through the report. However, public opinion changed on the 8th when another media outlet reconstructed part of Telegram and reported the explicit message, claiming that it was the content of Kang Kyung-jun’s conversation with Mr. A. According to this, Kang Kyung-jun said to Mr. A, “I want to hug you,” “I love you,” and “I want to be with you without drinking.” “Drinking is just an excuse” , “your thoughts” We exchanged high-level conversations.

In the end, the agency stopped discussing extension of the exclusive contract until the case was resolved. He apologized, saying, “I’m sorry for causing social controversy over this incident.” The KBS2 entertainment program & # 39; The Return of Superman & # 39; where Kang Kyung-jun was building a loving image with her family. The side said, “There is currently no filming related to Kang Kyung-jun. He said, “There have been no filming plans as of now,”and “Future filming plans will be discussed after this incident is completely resolved.”

iMBC entertainment news photo
iMBC entertainment news photo

There is also a great deal of sympathy towards C, Kang Kyeong-jun’s adopted son and Jang Shin-young’s biological son. Initially, it was announced through ‘The Return of Superman’ that C, with his dream of becoming an actor, would appear as an extra in the drama ‘Goryeo Khitan War’, but after this incident, he appeared as an extra. It is also in a position to be minimized. Jang Shin-young’s last post on SNS is receiving many supportive comments from netizens.

Meanwhile, Kang Kyung-jun debuted in 2004 in the MBC sitcom ‘Nonstop 5’. Afterwards, the drama ‘The Return of Ttukbaegi’ ‘Salaryman Chohanji’ ‘Thorn Flower’ ‘Special daughter-in-law’ Appeared in etc. He played the role of an adulterous man in the movie ‘My PS Partner’.

Jang Shin-young debuted in the entertainment industry through the 71st National Chunhyang Contest in 2001. Since her debut, Jang Shin-young has appeared in ‘The House Where the Sun Rises’, ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘Winter Bird’, ‘Way Home’, ‘I am a legend’, ‘King Gwanggaeto’, ‘Bride of the Sun’, ‘Thorn Flower’, ‘ Golden Empire’, ‘Spring Day of My Life’, ‘My Heart Sparkles’, ‘Self-Luminous Office’, ‘Bad Guys: City of Evil’, ‘Babel’, ‘Outlaw’, ‘First Love’. ‘Red Eye’ Appeared in works such as: She divorced in 2006 due to her ex-husband’s fraudulent behavior, which she married at a young age. She leaves behind one son.

The two began their public relationship after meeting on the set of the 2013 drama ‘Thorn Flower’. In May 2018, after five years of dating, they got married, started a family, and had a second son.

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