Jonghyuk Lee “Taksu, while acting, collapsed from hyperventilation and had his head stitched” (4-person dining table) [Comprehensive]


(Xports News Reporter Hyunji Yoon) ‘4-seater dining table’ Jonghyuk Lee supported his son’s dream.

Music director Kim Moon-jung appeared on Channel A’s ‘4-person dining table’ broadcast on the 8th and invited Seo Yi-sook, Lee Jong-hyuk, and Kim Gwang-gyu.

On this day, director Kim Moon-jung said that both of his daughters are working in music-related work. “Performance is what they grew up watching and music-related work, so they are doing it well even without being told to do it,” he said. “My eldest daughter wants to be a musical actor, so she goes to auditions.” “It’s a bit difficult when I come to auditions that I judge,” he confessed.

Lee Jong-hyuk intervened, saying, “It’s hard for your daughter to audition, so please take good care of my son.”

He then explained that he played the role of Jean Valjean in ‘Les Miserables’ by saying, “I saw (Taksu)’s acting at school’ When Kim Moon-jung added that it was a role that immediately revealed his skills, he humbly said, “Comparatively speaking, I am a little better than my other friends.”


When Seo Yi-sook asked, “Aren’t you nervous, Dad?”Lee Jong-hyuk said, “He cried in the last scene, and I felt a little strange for no reason.”

He continued, “This is the scene where Jean Valjean pulls a cart. It was a light cart, but while pretending to be heavy, he collapsed from hyperventilation. He told the behind-the-scenes story, saying, “I fell off the stage and my head was torn and had to be stitched.” Lee Jong-hyuk added that he said, “(To my son), you should act with effort, but not really exert strength.”

When Kim Moon-jung asked if it was okay for her son to become an actor, she said, “I can give you strength, but if you try and say, ‘I don’t think it’s going to work,’ I should tell you, ‘Don’t do it.’”He explained, “I don’t want to hold on to it just because I can do it.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jong-hyuk said about his two sons’ dreams of becoming actors, “My wife likes it more,”and “I think she thinks it’s better than children without dreams.”

Photo = Channel A

Reporter Hyunji Yoon

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